Being Invisible, Space-Time Cloaks, & Consciousness

Physicists know how to make things invisible.

When I was about five or six years old, my mom, dad, brother, sister and I played hide and seek at my grandmother’s house in a small town in South Dakota. During one round (the last round!), I hid under my grandmother’s bed, against the wall near the headboard.

My brother was the seeker, and he came to look under the bed fairly early in the game. I vividly remember him lifting the edge of the bedspread, and how I pulled deeply back into myself, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I didn’t move my physical body at all. I pulled my energy, my presence, back deeply within myself. When my brother looked right at me without changing his expression, then dropped the bedspread and walked away, I was stunned. I was trying to make myself invisible, but I didn’t know it would work.

As time went on, my brother found everyone else. (Now that I think about this game, I miss it – hide and seek is a great game! Do kids still play this??) Eventually everyone was found except me. By this time I was drowsy, drifting on the edge of sleep. I had been hiding for what must have been nearly an hour. Hovering on the edge of sleep, I could hear the family talking to each other, wondering where I could be. They all began to search again. First my sister came to look under the bed. Just as my brother had, she looked right at me without any change of expression, dropped the edge of the bedspread and walked away. My mother did the same thing. My father did the same.

Eventually they gave up, and I crawled out on my own. They asked where I was, and when I told them they insisted that I was not hiding under the bed; they had all looked under the bed. I explained that they had all looked right at me – or through me. That was it. We went on about our business.


I’ve experienced other examples of this ability. Lately I’ve been thinking about how I do it.

I’m remembering instances in social situations when I’m distracted or turned deeply into my own thoughts. I’m still tracking what’s going on around me, but I’m not really there. I’m in a no-time, no-space place pursuing something that has nothing to do with the physical world. People will say, “Where’d Seren go?” looking all around when I’m standing right there between two of them. Could it be that by pulling one’s energy completely into onesself, no leaks, we become invisible? 

My perception of it is that in some rare cases I come very close to de-materializing my physical body.

I know, that sounds impossible, so it sounds impossibly stupid. But anything physical is actually just an organized collection of energy, so if you can control the energy you should be able to dematerialize or materialize things. Thought/will controls energy, so focusing thought/will in a certain way can make you … invisible.

More often, however, I would describe what I do as “closing” my energy. We Americans have a worldwide reputation for being open. This is said with the implication that we’re socially open, like big friendly dogs, but social openness is just a symptom of being energetically open. It can be a good thing. Certainly in the proper context and with consciousness and control of it, this is a generous and graceful trait. It can also be inappropriate, annoyingly bothersome, or downright intrusive. We are not alone, though. Most of the population of the world in present time has poor control of their personal energies. We blast it, push it, attach it to others, poke and punch and prod with it. We dig around in others’ spaces and tangle our energies with others with no regard for boundaries. At the very least, we leak it, which can be equally unwelcome.

I do all of these things. I’m a product of the culture, as are we all. I’ve just had the fortune to have instants when I do remember how to control my energy, and I apply some effort toward learning to do it more often, without thought or effort. 

Cloaking is another way to make myself invisible. This seems to have to do with controlling the energy at the boundaries of my space, or aura. I suspect that it could be done by gathering energy and creating a cloak that’s entirely separate from one’s personal energy, as well. 

Whichever way I do it, it’s no wonder our culture would think it’s impossible to make yourself (or anything else) invisible. We don’t control our personal energy – because most of wesern culture insists that it doesn’t even exist. If we don’t acknowledge it and try to understand it, control it, and use it, we become victims of our power, and victims of our own ignorant mess.

To people sensitive to energies – whether they explain it as that or something else (intuitive, mystic, sensitive in general, mentally ill), the ignorance and consequent inability to control one’s own energy creates a chaotic, disharmonious, sloppy, constant and unbearable noise that underlies (or overwhelms) everything in the physical dimension. It’s no wonder many people are emotionally and mentally unstable or disturbed – or just uncomfortable with themselves or their environment. If you aren’t willing to dive right in and participate in the cacophony, and you’re unable to close down enough to function well within it, the chaos can be debilitating.


Science is catching up. Physicists now knows of ways to make entire events invisible. National Geographic has recently posted an article about one experiment in this field:

Objects have already been “cloaked” using sound, and using light. Now British scientists are exploring the possibility of cloaking entire events.

When I read this article, I felt a physical shock. The surprise of that shock revealed to me my own limitations of belief: I didn’t believe that science would find a physical way to do this. I thought it could only be done with the mind/thought/will.


Lots of ideas and connections are swirling around in my mind now … the story of Joshua destroying Jericho with sound; turning into a fish; moving back in time – or forward in time – into an event …

Making myself invisible is related to these things. Each requires focus, will, intention, and control of energy.

Being a fish, water, a mountain, a chair, a stone, cloud, animal, or a lamp requires a certain level of control over personal energy. I’ve done this sort of thing since I was a child, and assumed everyone knew about it and practiced it. I’m sure everyone does do it, but equally sure that few do it consciously. 

Moving back or forward in time is also simply accomplished with a certain control of personal energy. If I smooth my own energy, bring it all into myself to focus myself intensely in self-contained beingness, and intend to be invisible, that would describe how I go invisible. If I smooth and focus then turn inside out, I have access to other realities. When I smooth and focus on being a leaf – or a stone, a cat, a building, water, anything – I can enter into and participate in the consciousness of that object.

(Sidenote: Is that what people refer to as shape-shifting? A couple people have described their own similar experiences and called it shape-shifting. But my understanding is that this is not full shape-shifting. I’ve almost become or shifted, physically, into being an animal – it’s a very different feeling, and requires a very different level of personal energy manipulation. That’s what I call shape-shifting. I’m never sure what people mean when they say, “I can shape shift.” ??)

In any case, building machines with lasers and building machines to make sound barriers seems almost appallingly primitive to me in the context of my experiences. I’m glad that it’s happening, though – quite excited, actually – because I believe that it brings us one step closer to acknowledging that we don’t need machines to do it. We simply need to understand, control, and use our own consciousness.

I believe that we all know this – we’ve just forgotten it, lost in the cacophony.


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