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Tonight I asked the gang to tell me something about astrology. I was not specific in my question because I hoped for some information that I might not have thought to ask about. Here is what I received:

What would you know? You understand how the layers of reality intertwine, how the perspectives can give views that appear to be contradictory. Does astrology work? Of course it does. Is it what it is currently understood to be? Of course it is not, in a sense. In another sense, of course it is. We will say that the general understanding of the uses of astrology is accurate. We would not say that the comprehension of astrology is true, but it is accurate. It is incomplete, yet functional even in the incomplete understanding.

As we have stated, the stars are, in a manner of speaking, indicators. It could be said that they do not create, but indicate. They do not control, but open specific possibilities by their positions. Yet that would also be from a specific perspective.

We will now look at if from another angle. Let us say that all is one, as you have known. In this case, there is not space between physical and non-physical. The spaces between “physical reality” are non-physical, if you prefer. The physical and non-physical occupy the same “space.” You do not “go” anywhere when you “move out” of the physical (in the perspective that we speak of), rather you simply shift focus so that you are able to perceive throughout, or to perceive one particular reality that is not physical reality. We remind you of this before moving on with the subject of astrology …

So with this base, let us return to the familiarity of the stars. They are physical beings, sentient and conscious beings; they are also energy, or perhaps no more than energy. They exist within the solar system, a physical system that works according to certain rules that are agreed upon (that may be broken with effort – let us not get sidetracked though. You have written something of the “rules” in your book Application of Impossible Things). As non-physical beings, the stars and planets move in harmony with energies beyond the physical, responding and tracking and creating the shifts and changes of large energy flows. The stars and planets, in this perspective, are both creating the physical and non-physical flows, and being created by them.

We remind you: just as you do not exist alone only as a physical Natalie, so these stars do not exist only as physical stars. The non-physical must be taken into account, for in this sense the stars and planets are not only indicators that may be read by humans, they are also participants and creators.

Let us say that a particular alignment of planets occurs. This alignment could be seen simply a result of the “natural” movement within the “rules” of the physical universe in which these star souls operate. This would be accurate but incomplete.

The movement is, for the purpose of this example, also a reflection of non-physical systems that are balanced and in motion in their specific ways for specific reasons. (Reasons that are not necessarily important, for going into this would sidetrack us into equally interesting subjects.)

The stars then are doing their “predictable” routes in creating various alignments with each other on both physical and non-physical levels. Naturally, as you would say – it is their nature. They also affect the reality that they exist within because of their movement – as do all things that exist within the physical environment.  They also, as reflections of the non-physical, indicate certain things by their positions, even while they participate in creating it.

They are a language to be read. You could just as well read a stone, or the movement of water, but it was chosen to read stars.

The planets indicate what the broad flows of non-physical energy are doing or supporting or exploring. The stars or planets also, being essentially non-physical themselves, help to create those flows, and move in conscious and voluntary harmonic with the flows. In this sense, they are the flows, create the flows, respond to the flows, indicate the flows, and are created by the flows.

We state the same idea in more than one way in this explanation. This is for a reason, for reading this idea in more than one way has loosened more than one misunderstanding in the complexity that is your mind, your beliefs, the structure of your understanding.

(laughter) We realize this will not necessarily clear up any questions for the reader. We do not do this to confuse, but to attempt to expand the basic understanding of the relationships between physical and non-physical, and to deepen or broaden the concepts that underwrite the way you understand the world in which you participate.

Paradox does not sit easily on the human mind, and stretching is often confusing. Please simply consider what we have said, let it sit in your mind without trying to untangle it, and you will slowly understand it intuitively. For all that we say of the astrology, the stars, applies to the human being.

Thank you. 

5 thoughts on “Channeling: Astrology

  1. This is interesting. I wonder if it would be possible to ask the question of which method of interpretation (e.g. Vedic, Persian, Egyptian, Western, Eastern) would be the most useful. If the correct method of interpretation is utilized, astrology could be an enormous benefit to humanity.

  2. This is interesting. I wonder if we could find out what the correct method of interpretation is, for example; Eastern or Western, Vedic, Persian or Egyptian. If we could learn the correct method for using astrology, it would be extremely beneficial for humanity.

    1. Perhaps all of them are right or accurate, none wholly true. Or one or another becomes more “correct” to any one individual as that individual participates more in the belief system around that mode of astrology ;-). Perhaps none are useful if one is able or willing to step past any beliefs that support or inquire of astrology …

      Just thinking aloud … questions are a fun way to stretch the mind and challenge buried beliefs

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