Interview with Natalie Sudman

An interview re Application of Impossible Things is posted here:

Thanks Laura Deal …!

(psd men and Iraq battle buddies might want to skip straight to the tenth and eleventh questions 🙂

Book cover of Application of Impossible Things


One thought on “Interview with Natalie Sudman

  1. Raced through the book last night in a state of absolute exhilaration. Yay! You have managed to put into words so many things that ring true with me. One in particular (to begin with) is the idea I’ve held for quite a while that outside of this experience of physical time, pain is not a problem, because it has no duration.

    It seems to me that it is duration in time that encourages/creates the particular focus that we know as suffering. I’m not saying it as well as you did. But I’m always aware of the fact that before we enter these bodies we definitely underestimate the misery factor and the degree to which we will lose touch with our Whole Selves.

    I also often find myself thinking that if I ever do this again, I want some PERKS dammit, like your desire to line up help if you agreed to come back.

    Perhaps I demanded perks this time around, too, and your book is one of them! It sure feels that way. Again, my deep thanks.

    Going back to reread more slowly now…

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