Interview with AfterlifeTV

Check out this interview with – thanks Bob Olson!

4 thoughts on “Interview with AfterlifeTV

  1. Hi Natalie, I watched your interview with Bob the other day and truly enjoyed it. In reference to the PTSD you’re experiencing I was wondering if you have looked into the possibility to get some Neurofeedback training for it. It works! All the best, Vidya.

    1. Thanks Vidya, glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for the suggestion – there’s certainly a lot of modalities to choose from.

  2. I only had time to watch ten minutes but want to see the rest. For now I really just wanted to hear your voice and see you talk. I do a lot of my job over the phone and have never met many of the people I’ve been talking to for years. There is a much greater connection with your book now that I can read it using your own voice, if you know what I mean. As an example, I’ve read several biographies of Andrew Jackson and always use the voice of Gregory Peck for Jackson’s whenever he is in a dialogue. Now when I read your book it will be like listening to you talk, within my mind. Make sense?

    You remind me very much of my sister Nancy, even to her “piano players hands”. She’s never been blown up, but hearing her talk about the kids she teaches, she might very well have been willing to trade places with you. 🙂

    1. LOL (your sister)

      I do know what you mean about hearing the author’s voice in your head. I’ve watched recorded interviews in order to hear that voice as I read too. 🙂

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