The Heart & Heart Chakra, Part 4

And so we will return to the heart.

Consider that some of those who profess to “move from the heart” may speak a different language than you speak, in that internally they are using reference points and connotations that are quite different from yours. Some may assume the movement of awareness [throughout many points, inside and outside the body, as discussed earlier] when speaking of “moving from the heart,” and only really be urging others to become acquainted with the heart. Their verbalization, in other words, may be inaccurate while their understanding is accurate.

We say again that those who truly understand do not really move from the heart – a sloppy verbalization of a precise idea; they move from the acknowledgment of their innate wholeness. If they want to see that as seated completely or mainly in the heart, that is their choice. If we are speaking in metaphor and model, it works. If we are speaking from Truth, it is accurate but not true, for as we stated, one may choose any part of the body from which to move, and one will find the same innate creativity, the essence, the All in the single point – Love. For you are it.

So now let us move to a discussion of the chakra …

First we would like to congratulate the human race on the model of chakras, which has been and continues to be a useful model of energy flows. Then we would like to remind you that it is only a model, useful for understanding something complex and multi-dimensional for which the human language has no particular vocabulary. The energies are in fact much more complex than is presented in the chakra model, as some masters know, of course. The model as popularly familiar and is fairly and superficially workable for the moment, so we will use it. If we at some point step beyond it, keep these words in mind.

Consider that the chakras have been assigned tasks by the humans that participate in this model. The heart chakra’s energy has come to be weighted toward love through intention – through the combined and repeated intention of many humans believing in that particular weight or specialty. Heart, the heart chakra, has taken on the personality – through the power of thought. We speak of it in this way to shake up some people’s ideas; this is not fully true, just one perspective that is accurate.

Another way to understand this point is to understand that affinity, “love,” is the part of the heart’s energy that is most often focused upon by human consciousness, the other aspects of its beingness more or less ignored. So it comes to appear to the human that the heart’s specialty is affinity and love, or the heart actually does accept and respond to this attention by growing in that particular area.

Relatedly, yet another way to understand this point is to acknowledge that the heart’s specialty is indeed affinity, love. For as an individual being, Heart, who is all hearts, has a deep understanding of and adeptness with that portion of the human experience, for the attention directed toward it has developed it in this direction. Not against its will, but in conjunction and cooperation with All. And not out of balance with the remainder of its awareness, but as a specialty. Is this understood?

These are all accurate, none describing the whole truth. Just a reminder as we move forward with this discussion – to keep in mind that affinity or love is not all the heart is capable of, for the heart is All and so carries the potential and capacity and beingness of All. Love may be understood as a specialty – or that is how we are looking at it for this discussion. Since the heart chakra moves from the heart, so it carries the heart-beingness energy, both specialized and infinite.

We will leave this point for contemplation as you see fit.

So … we will say now that the heart chakra is often described as being about, the seat of, love for others. This we would encourage people to re-examine, for as you know, the energy of the fourth chakra is not about love for others but love and affinity for the self.

From the perspective of All as One, of course, they are the same thing. But you are in physical bodies and physical awarenesses. You are not moving at all times from the Whole Self awareness, so in this instance we will not address you or this subject from that perspective. We will stick to the current collective consciousness perspective for the purposes of clarity (and making our point) in this discussion …

In the case of the heart chakra being about others or self, self must come first, you see, for only by accepting the self as perfect is the being able to recognize the perfection of others in their true and pure form – to share the beingness of co-passion, co-respect. It cannot move the other way, from other to self, for other implies other-ness and will not naturally lead to understanding that you are other. The mechanical reasons for this are not important for this discussion, so we will not enter further. Suffice it to say that the easiest, most efficient, and most accurate way for the human to move from the heart/love (to become or be aware of their beingness) is to recognize and enter their affinity for themselves.

We will not say that anyone is wrong for understanding the fourth chakra as being about love for others… we are saying that if one describes the fourth chakra as being primarily about affinity for one’s self, that would be more accurate and ultimately more useful.

That is all we have to say for now on this subject.



3 thoughts on “The Heart & Heart Chakra, Part 4

  1. Whoops. Just started a comment and accidentally sent it off too soon. My experience of the heart: I feel energy and information coming through the heart region of my body. Since I was a teenager, I have been aware that I would receive answers to life questions, usually a simple “no,” or “yes” that I could reliably use as a guide in decision making. If I tried to use my head to make such decisions, I could get tangled up and do things that ended up being painful and seeming like huge mistakes. If I listened to the simple yes or no coming through my heart region, the decision always felt correct to me. I can use it to evaluate the points of view of others too. Another experience I had with the heart region was an event I experienced at the Albuquerque Zoo years ago. I was walking around the zoo with husband and kids, but was taking too long at each exhibit, so finally got left behind. I felt compassion for the animals locked in their cages, unable to follow their natural ways of living. I became aware that a large, intense energy of love had begun coursing through my heart towards the animals, and amazingly, they were responding to it. Even the cats, who always look so miserable in zoos, doing nothing but pacing back and forth behind their bars, completely disinterested in the comings and goings of observers, were stopping and meeting my eyes with an intense gaze. After quite a time of doing this at different cages, my family came to find me, and we discovered that the zoo had actually been closed for over a half hour! For me it was like a timeless experience. Everything else seemed to disappear. It had felt like a huge love energy was coming through my heart to those animals, like my heart was a conduit. In my life, my head has always been a confusing place where everything is relative, and there’s no way to really know anything for sure. My heart has always been true and guided me to truth.My experiences don’t make so much sense, though, when I consider them in light of your channeled posts about the heart chakra. I don’t have anywhere near the amount of experience with these things that you have, so would welcome your perspective. I enjoy your writing and the interviews I’ve seen of you on Youtube very much! Planning to buy your book ASAP! Thanks, Natalie. You make me feel better when no one else can. Lia

    1. Thanks for sharing that story, Lia – wonderful and beautiful. These heart chakra posts were channeled, and the information was addressing that toward a particular end. When you talk about thinking from the heart, that is essentially saying “thinking from the whole being”, from the core wisdom of you Self – I think that’s what you mean. When you talk about decisions made with the mind, you’re talking about decisions made with logic or what might be called the human perspective, is that right? I would agree with you using these meanings, that decisions made from the whole self tend to be … Trustworthy. While those made from the human mind or logic can often be limited in perspective and thereby lead to less trustworthy decisions. What the channeled beings might say is that you perceive that whole self as being seated or accessible from the heart, while in truth every particle of yourself IS that which you call heart – that wisdom, that intelligence is in every particle of your being, because it’s what you are. If you perceive it’s easiest access is through the heart, use the heart! It may not be so for everyone.

      I think their point in this channeled info was to point out that love of others does not carry more weight than love of self, and that true “unconditional love” (I dislike that phrase, but people at least know – sort of – what is meant by it) of others is seated well in an unconditional love and acceptance of the self.

      1. Thanks so much, Natalie! Your suggestion that maybe what I’m experiencing is that my heart serves as my easiest access point to my whole self makes sense! That does seem to clear things up for me. Interesting and strange that I would have a particular place in my body that works like that for me, while for others it may be different! And, yes, you are correct in interpreting what I said to mean that it is logical thought that I have found to be very limited and untrustworthy when applied to larger issues. I have long thought that the logical mind is just a handy tool to be used in certain situations, but not something I can really KNOW anything by. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with me and shedding light on my conundrum!

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