The Future / The Shift: what up?

I’ve been asked about The Future (dum-da-dum) by so many people who have read my book, I’ve decided to answer the question here.

Specifically, various people have asked what I see surrounding the 2012 shift. What is it – or is it? What will the effects and outcome be? What do I see happening in the next year or two?

First I’ll say that I did not see anything regarding this while I was out of body. At least, I didn’t see it in a way that would make it recognizable as The Shift that people talk about, so I’m not going to discuss it from that level. It wouldn’t make any sense as an answer to people’s questions.

My understanding of what people are calling The Shift does, though, come from a non-physical perspective. When this subject comes up, I find myself focused beyond time/space, watching enormous energy flows making some interesting new junctions and relationships. These energies might be understood as matrices that shape experience not just in the physical dimensions, but in many (all?) dimensions. They aren’t really matrices, that’s simply a model that I use to describe them. They have a certain unique consciousness, but I won’t complicate things with that right now.

Human consciousness is affected by these massive flows of energy shifting – how could it not be? We don’t exist in a vacuum, or separate from the non-physical. The physical and non-physical are only differentiated in our human minds. They are one.

Understand that consciousness (physical and non-physical) is always shifting, always making a huge evolutionary leap of some kind. This particular shift appears unusual to me in the potential of its effects to be deeper and broader than that of many shifts and leaps. Not just related to humans, but to everything that exists.

I don’t see this shift as solely an earth shift, then, and don’t even see it as necessarily originating on the earth physical plane. It appears as a symphony of intention and attention, originating throughout the physical and non-physical, or from within all that exists – physical and non-physical, or from between all that exists. It’s a co-creation. Not everyone/thing in all of existence is participating, but many are contributing their attention. Think of it like an inter-dimensional bowl game: it dominates the landscape and causes many changes in schedules and intentions, but not everyone gives a shit.

Does 2012 have anything to do with it? My first instinct is to say, Who cares? My next is to say, Are you reading it or creating it? In other words, are you intuiting a future, or creating that significance by the power of thought? Of course 2012 has something to do with it, and of course it does not. The shift has been going on for some time now, and it will continue until it has turned. If you look for a crux in 2012 you’ll be able to identify one, just as you can find a reason to be disgruntled today if you start the day with a chip on your shoulder. Preconceived ideas, beliefs, shape our perceptions. The non-physical has no need of calendars, and the non-physical personalities that I know are not really interested in ours.

And (not but!)… Calendars count time, and physical world time is linked in interesting ways to the non-physical. Numbers are, in one sense, pure abstraction; in their pure abstraction, they are beautiful translations of abstract energies and movements. You could say that 2012 carries a vibration that affects, and translates, and supports, and is supported by the shifts of enormous energies.

One’s perspective has everything to do with what 2012 has to do with anything. From the pure whole of All That Is, 2012 is meaningless. From the pure awareness of All That Is, 2012 is meaningful.

This shift has been gathering momentum for a very long time. It could easily be said to have been gathering momentum since the beginning of time. Just as many changes are not noticeable until a certain amount of power (energy) has gathered, the ongoing shifts are more noticeable now for the accumulation of directed energies.

Shifts such as this one have occurred before, and will again.

Seeing what I do doesn’t give me any specific sense of what outcome will manifest. When I look at it, I see many potential outcomes, some of which show no obvious effect at all (‘obvious’ being the key word). Tipping points can be dramatic, or flow so smoothly that you hardly realize you’ve crested the peak and are well past the crux. There are infinite potential outcomes available. From what I’ve seen, the collective consciousness of humanity – the group ‘we’ – hasn’t chosen which creative potential it will follow.

We have free will. How the shift will manifest in our lives is our choice. We are participants in creating it, so how would you like it to look? Which potential or possible future would you like to follow? Thought creates reality.

Having already experienced living in a war zone and being blown up, I have little interest in trauma and drama. Personally, I’m imagining beautiful and interesting things.

2 thoughts on “The Future / The Shift: what up?

  1. “Think of it like an inter-dimensional bowl game: it dominates the landscape and causes many changes in schedules and intentions, but not everyone gives a shit.” That made me laugh.

    My feeling is that (as always) each individual will experience whatever kind of probable/parallel reality makes sense as a blossoming of their own belief systems and habitual thought patterns. So for some there may be an experience of drama and for others of peace.

    This is a good time to fine tune your belief systems and ask yourself if you are doing what you want to do. But then it’s always a good time to do that.

    I have to admit that for myself, I’m experiencing what I would call a “tipping point.” But I can’t generalize that outward necessarily. Just that I feel more uncomfortable than usual if I’m not doing what I want to do. Kind of a “follow your bliss, dammit!” directive.

    1. You summed it up nicely, Marian. I agree re beliefs, and am experiencing the same kind of tipping point. Even “following my bliss” is not necessarily comfortable, but it does keep proving to be supported and encouraged. For instance “coincidences” will keep leading me back to it, sometimes almost forcefully.

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