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Instead of writing, I’ve been painting … check out the new work on …


Available through Davis & Cline Galleries, Ashland Oregon



3 thoughts on “New Art

  1. I like what I’ve seen of your artwork, Natalie. There was a painter of western Canadian landscapes named Robert Hurley who my dad knew. Most of his work involved grain elevators and farm fields, very beautiful to my eye. But he did a few outside that genre that look very much like your own. Seeing the one pictured above brought him to mind as I have half dozen of his pieces hanging at home. I dabble a bit with acrylic myself but tend to quit soon after starting anything. Some are finished, and I’m satisfied with those, but I started one of Whitby Abbey 2 years ago and gave it up half way through. Maybe someday I’ll get back to it.

  2. Thanks. I just looked up some images of Hurley’s paintings. Beautiful sense of space. Nice that you can pick up painting when it moves you, and set it aside when it doesn’t … sounds like a nice interlude sort of activity.

    1. Just as long as the paints don’t dry out in the intervening time. lol At the moment I’m thinking I’ll just give them to my daughter; she has worked as a professional animator and always has a painting or two on the go.

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