New Art


Instead of writing, I’ve been painting … check out the new work on …


Available through Davis & Cline Galleries, Ashland Oregon




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3 responses to “New Art

  1. CW

    I like what I’ve seen of your artwork, Natalie. There was a painter of western Canadian landscapes named Robert Hurley who my dad knew. Most of his work involved grain elevators and farm fields, very beautiful to my eye. But he did a few outside that genre that look very much like your own. Seeing the one pictured above brought him to mind as I have half dozen of his pieces hanging at home. I dabble a bit with acrylic myself but tend to quit soon after starting anything. Some are finished, and I’m satisfied with those, but I started one of Whitby Abbey 2 years ago and gave it up half way through. Maybe someday I’ll get back to it.

  2. Natalie

    Thanks. I just looked up some images of Hurley’s paintings. Beautiful sense of space. Nice that you can pick up painting when it moves you, and set it aside when it doesn’t … sounds like a nice interlude sort of activity.

    • CW

      Just as long as the paints don’t dry out in the intervening time. lol At the moment I’m thinking I’ll just give them to my daughter; she has worked as a professional animator and always has a painting or two on the go.

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