A reader has asked me to write about suicide; this is for CW. 

When I approach a subject like this, I like to go into a quiet space inside myself and ask the question of my group of advisers or what people refer to as guides. I want to say that I don’t know whether these personalities are separate from myself or parts of myself  – I suspect they’re both, but doubt that it matters. Either way, I then write what I get using the conversation format. Sometimes I later re-write what I receive so that it’s in the form of an essay (my ideas, my form), and other times leave it as it comes and refer to it as channeling. 

In this case, I’ve left what I received in the form that it came to me because I’m too lazy to re-write it. 🙂 A


Me: Tell me about suicide.

Them: There are more than one aspects to this subject. Let us take one at a time.

There are those who choose to come into this incarnation with the plan, shall we say, of killing themselves, choosing the time and place once within the body, or before taking on the body. This is a creative exploration of their own, or in some cases an agreement made between many for the benefit of all. We will leave that as it is, for it should be self explanatory.

There are also those who come into this life with a plan, yet once they are in the physical they discover that it is much more difficult than they had realized from the point of view of the non-physical. Looking at physical life from the other side makes physical life look much simpler. Things look possible and often quite easy that, once in the body, prove to be so difficult as to cause some people to  kill their bodies.

In some cases this decision is not welcome, shall we say, by the Group Self, yet that is not to say that the person is judged as lacking or judged as evil or weak for having made the decision. It may be a disappointment only in having missed some exploration’s possibility should that personality found the endurance to continue. There is no judgment placed on the person, and many times it is recognized that the life was much more traumatic than imagined or planned, so that this spirit is in need of healing.

There are others who are, let us say, like lost spirits. If you go to a strange city and lose your way, wandering lost for many hours, is it a fault? Do you judge yourself evil? No. And neither are you judged so if one were to kill oneself under these circumstances. Losing one’s way, forgetting where one came from or how to return to where one came from is not a matter for condemnation, it is a matter for assistance and healing. It is true that in some instances the loss of remembrance causes … shall we say … disruption in the ranks. And the dis-remembrance is so acute that finding a way to reestablish communication with this spirit while it is still in a body is problematic or even impossible. Sometimes it takes quite an effort even to reach them once they are out of the body. It is never, however, a matter for condemnation nor judgment.

Let us describe this in another way in hopes of clarification.

The group self – however that is understood – is not a punishing body, nor is the vast All That Is. As we have stated and will emphasize, all is good. All experience is ultimately creative exploration and expansion. The group self is a supportive body, never anything but that. Whether the incarnated being/awareness forgets its origin or not, whether it takes its own life or not, that is still a creative act of free will, a valid choice of the being. The choice is respected at the level of the group or whole self (we use these interchangeably for this discussion), though the group may feel intervention or healing is necessary at the individual incarnate level once that portion of itself has left the body.

This presupposes a difference between the whole self and the individual self, and this we would agree is correct in a sense. The individual spirit may become enmeshed in the physical reality to the point of being without conscious awareness of who s/he really is, where s/he comes from. When this occurs, all sorts of complications might arise, one of which is suicide. This is another way of summarizing the same thing described above.

What is respected and accepted as a choice of free will from the viewpoint of the whole self does not presuppose an incarnated spirit or personality going “off track” so to speak, or setting out on a mission, only to abandon that mission by way of suicide. Keep this in mind and we will return to it.

There are those who are aware that were they to end their own life – we speak of incarnated personalities now – that they would simply be “sent back” to try it again. They sense that they might end up doing the difficult things all over again within different circumstances, and it would still be difficult in their eyes.

This is an awareness that the whole self or the group self feels committed to what it has set out to do, regardless of the reactions of this particular personality. The personality might be viewed for the sake of this discussion as a splinter of the self, not having full awareness of the whole, yet fully conscious in its own environment. Let us say in this case the whole self would accept the ending of the life, examine it, then perhaps take on a different body which would necessarily provide a different personality through which to experience the desired experience.

Either splinter, either of the two personalities, are still that same whole being. It is simply not the whole being’s consciousness within that one incarnated body’s awareness. One piece of lasagna from the pan is still a part of the whole, removed or not, carrying the personality and flavor and knowledge of the whole with it into the new existence as this one piece of lasagna, separate on a plate.

Me: roll my eyes – lasagna?!

The subject of suicide can be fraught with emotion and we would like to defuse some of that. Said another way, your hand is not all of you yet it is still your hand – it is you, it is simply not capable on its own of all that the whole body is capable of, is this not true? In this sense we will say that the personality of the incarnated being is simply not capable on its own of all that he whole being is capable of, yet it is wholly and completely of the particular whole self or group self.

We offer this example: Perhaps your hand shakes, and you cannot control this shaking with the conscious mind. Just as the hand shakes without direction from the mind, so the physical body and its limited awareness is capable of taking actions that are not fully informed by the whole self. Thereby, if the hand shakes without your conscious control, do you condemn your hand and cut it off? You do not. You live with it and perhaps attempt to heal it, to bring it back into the fold. The whole self also does not cut off the incarnated personality who is “lost” in some sense. The whole self does not abandon any part of itself.

As a whole, the concept that suicide is evil or wrong is a misconception, based upon the mountain of misconceptions that shape cultures as they are. That suicide if often considered to be a selfish act is nonsensical, for the one accusing the suicide of selfishness is buried in their own selfishness by that very judgment, are they not?

Any death can be viewed from many viewpoints, suicide included. It could as well be approached with celebration, or with healing ceremonies and attention, and perhaps these viewpoints would be more useful to those still incarnated, for as one judges another’s decisions as wrong or misguided, the fears of the judger are most often revealed, are they not?

That is all we have to say at this time.

Me: Thank you.


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  1. No rewriting necessary here…. this reads beautifully. Thanks to CW for asking. It’s so important to have this kind of information out in the world.

    “Looking at physical life from the other side makes physical life look much simpler.” Amen to that…

    1. Hi Marian. I hesitated to bring this up at all because it can be, not only a taboo subject in polite company, but because it poses the possibility that some readers will have some very painful wounds re-opened by its frank discussion. However, I felt the good would outweigh the bad and plowed ahead anyway. 🙂

      1. Hi CW. My gut feeling is that the people who gravitate towards Natalie’s writing are ones who can handle it emotionally, despite whatever temporary discomfort such explorations may cause. So may as well plow ahead! Thanks again…

  2. And yeah – amen to that! It can look soooo easy and fun from the other viewpoint, whew!

  3. Very relevant in myspace…A Big hug to THEM …to ME..I mean Natalie…and also I think to the US who read and talk about the difficult parts of this mountain climb called life that help US cope and climb on…? !

  4. Wow, that was quick. I expected to wait a week or so at least. So thank you, first off, for taking the time for it. I will say that what you were told and what you wrote are pretty much what I suspected but I am relatively early on in this ‘awakening’ and need many things, in some areas still, confirmed before I will completely trust my own feelings and thoughts. I realize, of course, that your experiences will not match mine or anyone else’s. In fact, yours is the first NDE I’ve read, and I’ve read hundreds, that had you meet with a large Gathering. My personal feeling is that the thousands you saw, with a still human-influenced perspective, represented the many diverse aspects of your own Whole Self, and of course you mention that possibility as well. Anything else, apart from our own desire for experiencing contrast and challenge, would leave me wondering what possible interest a group of beings could have in what we’re up to down here. 🙂 Being very uncomfortable with crowds myself, my own departure will more likely be met by a single personality. At least this is what I’ve requested. Studying this sort of thing, the NDE’s and all, has been a pursuit going on 9 years, but whats 9 years compared to the 22 I spent having cult religion hammered into me? There are still influences I want to root out and replace. I realize that that too was my choice and my doing from the outset so I won’t harp on that again (probably). lol

    My interest in suicide, as I said, is an ongoing thing. Recently an article was posted on the Bipolar forum I contribute to and was very informative. 20 Things You Should Know about Suicide. I’ll leave the link at the bottom. It states that 30,000 people a year, in the USA alone, take their own lives. Those are the reported ones; the actual figure could be double that. So thats a lot of personalities saying No Thanks to any further human involvement. I’ve said more or less the same thing, but plan to stick around anyway.

    I view suicide, and I mention this only because of your kind words about enjoying my stay here- I view suicide like I do my presciption sedative. While I take an anti-depressant drug everyday, I also have a strong tranquilzer/sedative for those “emergency” moments when panic leaves me breathless, shaking, and unable to think coherently. However, because I have been taught, and have taught others, how to cope with this without using drugs, I rarely need to take that emergency pill. Just knowing they’re there and that I can take one if I have to is comfort enough. As with this little yellow pill, so is suicide. Its a comfort knowing that if things get bad enough there is a way out which will always be my choice. That comfort, and having that coping method (as final as it may seem) means I will never likely give it serious thought, but it is always there in my mind as an attractive alternative to, not just the crap we go through, but the human body itself which I am extremely uncomfortable in. However, I’m also excessively responsible and, since I turned 50 five years ago, seem to be maturing finally. This is pretty much the norm for males. LOL

    By the way, two online friends of mine are ordering your book so the ripple effect is alive and well. 🙂 I would like to add more to this thread of discussion later on but must get back to work. Besides, my large mug of tea is just about empty.

  5. I’m a crowd phobe too, CW, in general and strongly dislike standing in front of crowds. It was totally different ‘there’ though. It is nice to have some validation – I think we all like that, and I bet our whole selves are happy to provide it through various means. I’m honored to be in that spot for you for a moment 🙂 I’m fitting this in between appointments, so will sign off and return later after I’ve checked out the link you provided and digested more of your comments. Thanks again for asking the question.

    1. Thanks again for asking the question <<<

      I had another one pop into my head while I was drifting off to sleep last night, "Ooh, awesome", I thought, "Natalie will love going into this one". But of course when I awoke this morning the idea was long gone. If its important it will come back. 🙂

  6. So carrying on, if I may… I find I’m discovering part of my own path, at the moment, through the observation of many others’ experiences and sifting out what resonates with me or what doesn’t. Some authors have been of little help and I’ve more or less dismissed any influence they may have had in my thoughts initially. Other thoughts well up from within and some of the validation I’ve been given has been astonishing. One idea came to me in 2005 and my dear wife, who has not exactly been thrilled with the direction I’ve taken spiritually, provided the confirmation by telling me of an incident that had happened 24 years previously. (basically, one day I just blurted out to myself, “we can be in more than one place at a time”. not long after that my wife told me of seeing me in two places at once in the same room on two different occasions in 1982. I was not aware of it and she said nothing because it so went against her own beliefs). So confirmation can come from many sources and even with everything that’s been shown me I still sometimes need to seek help. That assitance, as you asked yourself from the Gathering, has always been forthcoming.

    The issue of suicide brings me to another; that of our living multiple lives. In Betty Eadie’s book she states quite plainly that we do not live repeated lives but have the memories of many observations contained within our DNA. Others, like Sylvia Browne and Robert Schwartz (who I’m glad are not on your reading list) put undue emphasis on the re-incarnation process and what we are seeking in coming to the physical realm over and over. My heart sank when I first read of that. In fact, I was severely depressed over the idea. I don’t want to do this again, not ever. One quote in one of those books reminded me of an obnoxious evangelical preacher, ending a pumped sounding chapter with an enthusiastic, “Are you ready to re-enlist for another go at this earth life?” I said aloud, F*** You, and refused to read another page.

    But the more I understand, the more one major thing comes into focus. As a completely free consciousness, there is no compelling reason for me to live in the human world again if I choose not to. Its up to me. It will always be up to me. No other personality would even suggest it. “You really need to go back again to straighten a few things out”. Again, F*** Off would be my response. (I swear all day but rarely out loud. You’re setting a bad example, Natalie, as I’m feeling more and more at liberty to vent honestly) LOL

    Okay, so let me sum up thusly. I undertand suicide for what I thougth it would be. A choice that may be planned ahead, or one that may result from circumstances. No one is judged, which accounts for my feelings toward suicide ‘victims’ of compassion, love, and a touch of envy. And once we’re done on the earth, whether leaving by our own plans or dying while shrivelled up at the end of a tube, we never have to do this again if we choose not to.

    Thanks again, my dear friend. I watched the whole 52 minutes of your interview after two days ago and feel honored to know you. But then, I’ve always known you. 🙂

  7. that last bit should read “I watched the whole 52 minutes of your interview after WORK two days ago…”

    And I’m the family spelling and grammar Nazi. lol

    1. That’s a great story – your wife seeing two of you! I had a few friends in Itaq tell me that they kept seeing me here and there on base after I’d been blown up and evacuated. One day I decided I better get all of my self in one place, so picked up out of there. At least I think I did. Another story: my boyfriend who claims this is all bunk heard the bomb go off in maryland at the moment it detonated in Iraq – loudest explosion he’d ever heard, jumped out of bed to run all around the house, then all around the neighborhood. Bunk, eh? 😉
      The suicide list … I feel as if I should say it was shocking or at least surprising, but I’ve heard it all piecemeal other places, eh? Military suicides were a hot topic for awhile while i was in Iraq so i’d done a little google surfing for stats. It’s certainly not a glowing report on our culture, big surprise.
      Lol – I went through a severe depression and at one point said that I’d kill myself if only I could drum up the energy. Okay, not a laughing matter to many, but I think I’ve earned he right to laugh when something strikes me as funny – or hello, I’ll just own that right and to hell with earning it. The most annoying thing about the politically correct movement is the lack of or stomping on a sense of humor. If that’s intact, there’s hope, no matter how black the humor. Well, that’s my opinion – good thing this is my blog lol 🙂

      I’ll say it again – I’m personally glad that you’ve stuck around, CW.

      No, as far as I know we don’t ever have to come back. I don’t understand it as a linear progression, life after life. I think it was once a useful model to describe a little bit of the truth … You don’t explain complex physics to a child, you give them little bits that build on other little bits so their picture has a foundation, right? I think reincarnation serves a purpose for some people. When I look at lives though, it’s more like parallels, simultaneous lives, or pick-and-choose focus, AND more like we are managers of unique combinations of strings of characteristics and memories that come together to experience this life, AND … Doesn’t matter. There are things that are too complex to describe (simple not easy), but it’s okay to be accurate not true. Sometimes ‘true’ is beyond our conceptual limits (for now). That’s what I think. I could be wrong 🙂

      I get into streaks where I cuss like a soldier. You’re allowed to do that here! If you think of the lost question, fire it this way.

    2. I’m pretty much a spelling and grammar Nazi too, CW, but notice that less and less am I going back into my posts to correct typos and missing words, etc. I hope it isn’t driving you nuts – lol.

  8. I hope it isn’t driving you nuts <<<

    LOL The only people who drive me nuts are the ones I work with, or some of them anyway. I've said so often to my wife, "I must work with the stupidest people on the face of the earth". She disagrees, saying that category of folks are the ones who come into the drug store she works at. 🙂

    I had a bit of a revelation yesterday. I find my best meditations come when my physical body is active in mindless activity that take little thought. When I'm out biking is a very good time, as I mentioned earlier, but also at work when I'm doing repetitive things like putting stock away and distributing things throughout the hotel. During these moments my mind can wander at will and, although I seldom ask specific questions from the heavens, answers to things I have been thinking on, or focusing on, just seem to come to me.
    So I had been wrestling somewhat with the idea of this physical ME being part of a whole ME. Despite your fine analogies and explanations I just couldn't "get it", and I've wondered and worried that this whole life I've been experiencing is going to wind up as just another cup of water in a vast pool, without face or name. Not so, as you well know, but it took me a while to figure it out in terms that are clear to me. So I'll go into a bit for the sake of myself, again, and for others who may be just as cement-headed as I am.

    A common theme among the many NDE's I've read is a sudden influx of knowledge, the answers to every question, and all the mystery of our human existence solved, within an instant of the soul passing from this life. For a long time I felt that these folks were communing with higher souls, guides, or as some have stated, Jesus himself and were gleaning this information from an outside source. But what I finally GOT yesterday was these people were not, in most instances at least, carrying on a dialogue with another being with the revealing of all this information. No, they were reconnecting with their Whole Self and having instant access to all the knowledge contained therein. They were not being aborbed into this anonymous consciousness to become just another accessible Byte of information. They remained fully themselves throughout, but with their eternal nature now evident to their physical mind.

    I liken it this way. I'm reading a book and am totally focussed on that volume, so much so that I'm entering into it and becoming a part of the scene. I may be so intent on the reading that I begin to believe that this book is the only one there is and really enjoy it. But when I'm done and can turn my attention back to reality, I remember all the other books I've read and enjoyed just as much. But I'm still ME. All that previous knowledge, all those other books, comes back to me and joins the current book I've just finished. But I remain the ME my human mind wants to know will retain its individuality. The Me known as Colin will become a closed book. I am not Colin. His body is not Me. He's just another book that I can reread anytime I so choose.

    Whew. Thats a relief. LOL

    1. Oh yeah, bravo! Excellent analogy, thank you CW! Beautiful … May I borrow it if I find myself in need of it?

      1. This link takes me to the conversation about having a bright flash, the watch stopping for an hour, the dream with your doctor’s dog. This is interesting. I used to stop watches too. I’ve also been hit by flashes. It can be weird. In Iraq walking back from the mess hall with two friends I was hit with a flash and when I tried to say something, something else entirely started to come out of my mouth. It was alarming so I stopped, sat on a t-wall and tried to pull myself together. I started again to try to say something, and entirely different words started to come out of my mouth again. So I quit trying to talk, just held my hand up to the other two indicating ‘wait a second.’ I sat for about two minutes until the flash feeling subsided, and I was able to say what I meant to say.

        Of course in hindsight I wish that I had gone ahead and spoken without knowing what the hell was going to come out of my mouth – what would I have said?? But it seemed like the wrong time and the wrong people to do that with.

        Anyway, did you mean to send me to this link? I’m not good at navigating sites like that, so if I somehow get from this flash conversation to your wife seeing two of you (which is somehow the story i thought you’d directed me to) just tell me what buttons to touch (duh)

        1. No, unfortunately thats the wrong link, though I know I went to the right one in order to cut and paste. Delphi is well known for its glitches so rather than a link I’ll just paste the article in here. It’s not that long. And yes, of course you may use my book analogy. Anytime. Everything I write in here, your blog, is for you to use in any way you wish. 🙂

        2. The link didn’t work, but did you like the COW picture in my forum signature over there? LOL

          1. I did! I have many cow pictures similar to this from England … it looks to me like parts of Britain, and also some areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin 🙂 Cows … I’m very fond of them. They calm me down sometimes!

    1. You’ve had these flash moments, haven’t you Marian? What about stopping watches?

      1. Not sure what you mean by flash moments… I’ll have to go check out the link. Watches are okay with me but I have a relationship with my iMac that is fascinating. Whenever my energy gets the slightest bit mindless (that’s the only way I can describe it) it shuts down. It also shuts down if I need to be doing something else or if what I’m looking at isn’t helping. This sounds insane, I know, but it’s totally reliable. It’s almost like a biofeedback machine. The CPU is behind the screen, so it’s sensitive to my energy.

        1. wow .. how cool is that! if i had a iMac like that maybe i wouldn’t go wandering off for an hour or two at a time chasing down obscure and useless information (why are the miller moths of south dakota different from what people call miller moths in the southwest, for instance 😛 ) – lol. i don’t know what “the CPU is behind the screen” means – does that mean my PC can’t be trained? is this why so many Mac users are like groupies or cult members (lol – KIDDING! Mac users, please don’t …! i’ve used both, and like both for different reasons! just sayin’ …)

      2. Okay, checked out the link. Yes, I get flashes of light. I actually don’t think much about it… just enjoy them. I enjoy anything that breaks up the tedium as long as it doesn’t create more tedium in its wake! 🙂

  9. I’m also capable of crashing computers… not even necessarily iMacs… if I’m extremely agitated/stressed. This taught me not to go near electronics until my energy is more settled.

  10. That happens to me too, Marian. Well, I don’t crash them (knock on wood – toss that idea out now!) but they stop working properly, freezing up, programs shut down, programs interfere with each other … I’ve been able to consciously protect my computer from my energy though, and it settles down. If that doesn’t work I assume the problem isn’t me and call a tech 🙂

  11. Here’s the piece I wrote in 2008.
    * * * * * * * * * *

    In the summer of 1982 my wife and I had been married just over a year and a half. We were living in a small rented house on a quiet shady street. We were both church goers, pretty conservative and strict actually. Which is why she didn’t tell me of what happened for 24 years. Her feeling was that something was terribly wrong and was afraid to say anything to anyone. In fact, she has told no one but me. If I had to find an eyewitness to an event who’s integrity was beyond question, it would be my wife. There is absolutely no reason for her to make something like this up. In fact it so went against everything she believed in that she stayed quiet about it for nearly a quarter century. And what she witnessed happened not once, but twice, as though the heavens were saying, “pay attention and never forget this”.

    So lets skip ahead to the year 2006. By this time I was no longer a Christian or a church goer, though she and the kids remain dedicated to these. I had found that religion in general, and Christianity in particular, could no longer satisfy my need to know what was going on here on the earth or why we even had to live here in the first place. Through exhaustive searching and study I began to find what I was looking for. One thought, however, that I did not read of but rather concluded on my own, was something I had never heard of. But I had stated boldly to a few that it was possible. And this made my wife’s story an affirmation of something that had welled up from within my heart and told me, “listen to the still, small voice within”.

    Back to 1982. It was a bright weekday summer morning in July. We had a waterbed that lay on the floor within a wooden frame. It was around 6:30am and I was up getting dressed for work. The room was well illuminated as my wife lay in bed watching me in front of the dresser. But suddenly she became aware of something else. She could see me plainly as I buttoned my shirt while looking in the mirror. (I could not see her because, as I said, the bed was on the floor, not on a pedestal). But she also clearly felt someone lying in bed beside her. Her body, she reports, was frozen in immobility, though she reports feeling no fear. Like her emotions had been frozen also in order to keep her calm. She could not move or speak but was able to turn her head to look. What she saw astonished her. It was me. There I was, both standing at the dresser, and laying beside her looking at her. She says the “me” in bed reached out and gently touched her hair. She stared for a few seconds, bewildered. But in her Christian mindset she felt something evil was going on and silently asked the second “me” to leave. Instantly it vanished. All feeling returned to her body and she was able to say “have a nice day” as I left the house for work. She had no idea what had just taken place or why.

    About two weeks later, this time on a weekend, she woke earlier than I did. Again the sun was up, the room was bright, and she was wide awake and laying on her back. I was sleeping on her left side. But she became aware that I was also on her right. Again her body was frozen and she was unable to even open her mouth, let alone speak. But she could turn her head. There I was again looking kindly at her, smiling. She again said in her mind, “this isn’t right, please go away”. And it did. She kept these things to herself for 24 years.

    The idea that had come to my mind was that the soul is able to be in more than one place at a time. That we can bilocate. Also, I felt that only a tiny portion of our soul inhabits the human form. That the great mass of our consciousness remains back in the spirit world doing other things, or watching whats going on down here, or just having a nice rest. I later updated my feeling from bi-location to multi-location. Only the constrictions of the human world deny this possibility. I had had these feelings for a year or more when my wife told me of these two incidents. There was all the proof I needed. “I” was there in the room. But so was a human likeness of the rest of my soul for my wife to see. The human ‘me’ was never aware of anything untoward taking place during either time.

    So my feelings on this topic had been confirmed. We are here on the earth, but also still back home. Our soul can appear to anyone at anytime and in any form. In these two incidents, it took the form of my human body, something my wife could not fail to recognize. And in the grandest master stroke of all, she was moved to tell me about this at a point in my life when I was looking for just such a thing to account for my strong beliefs. I would like to point out, too, that she has been quite dismayed at times with the direction I have taken so would never fabricate something of this nature to reinforce that.

    If you’ve ever wondered who your guardian angel is…it just may be… you.

  12. This is a fun story to read, thanks CW. I don’t know what more to say because it’s a perfect wrap, isn’t it. It’s a story that I’ll remember so thank you for copying it into the comments here.

    1. I worried a bit that it was too lengthy for a “comment”. But if you don’t objcect I may drop in another story or two where I feel they fit.

      By the way, I have felt badly about something I posted yesterday. I called two authors who I don’t care for by name. I shouldn’t have done that. What they themselves have experienced may go against the grain with me but it’s still important to them. And those self same authors have no doubt inspired and encouraged many, many people along the way. I don’t ever want to bring disrepute to your blog or to you personally for harboring a dissident such as myself. I’m sorry if anyone was disturbed or dismayed at my remarks.

      1. No worries from my perspective, but know what you mean – I’ve done the same personal cringe a few times. Hopefully my other blog readers will take it in stride, understanding!

      2. And … Please drop in any story you would like, no matter the length. Your stories are relevant and interesting!

  13. I’ll say it again – I’m personally glad that you’ve stuck around, <<<

    Yer a sweetheart for saying so. But really, I'm just keeping an appointment made a long, long time ago. I hope I haven't kept you waiting. 😉

  14. Hello Natalie and All of Us,

    Since a child I pray for mankind. Peace. And look foward to a distant “future” we actually LIVE this rather than talk about it. That mankind stops preying on others and instead starts praying FOR each other. Not just wars about so called “freedom” amongst borders, but within families too.
    Thank you for reading this, and for the space to write it.
    Many blessings, peace and LOVE to all who read it.

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