Watch for me on TV … the unXplained: Biography Channel

A new television show called the unXplained will air starting in August on the Biography Channel.

This is the show that filmed a Lifelines program at The Monroe Institute in March 2012, which I attended. During that Lifelines program, we thirteen participants “retrieved souls” who were stuck.

At least three of the individuals that I helped during the Lifelines program have been identified in historical records. The names, dates and places that they either lived, died, or both were matched up.

The film crew came to my home two weeks ago to conduct more interviews with me concerning those three individuals as well as talk to me about my experiences in Iraq, and follow me around while I did “normal” things (ugh! πŸ˜› ).

I’ll post dates for the Monroe Institute show(s) that I’m included in when the producers let me know the dates …

To find out more about the unXplained, follow the link below.


8 thoughts on “Watch for me on TV … the unXplained: Biography Channel

  1. It looks like they do stream some of their shows online…. do you know if they will do that with this one? (For those of us without cable!)

    1. I’m not sure, Marian – I’ll ask when they let me know the air date because I don’t have cable either! Will let everyone know when I know more …

  2. and follow me around while I did β€œnormal” things <<<

    I hope they didn't tape you falling down the stairs. That would be SO like the media. πŸ˜‰

  3. Let’s hope they do stream as I’d love to watch it – from Australia. Penny’s coming down in August to do Lifeline with us. Perhaps we will meet some time at TMI as I come there often!

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