How to Communicate with Your Team (guides… whatever)

A reader of Application of Impossible Things has asked a question that seems like it might interest others. He said to me:

“We all must have a ‘team of personalities’ [how I identified guides, helpers, angels, whatever you want to call them]. Any thoughts on how we may better access or communicate with them here in our physicality?

“The thought that came to me is for one thing, we probably need to quiet down our thoughts before any new information can come in. And then perhaps also ask them to reveal themselves?”

Quieting the mind does matter, because how will you hear anyone else when your mind is chattering away? This isn’t an easy thing to do sometimes.  I have tricks that I use for myself if my mind doesn’t want to shut down. I explain to it what I’m doing as if it were separate from me; I give it a time frame to take care of its anticipation and expectations; then I give it assurance. I tell it that nothing will fall to pieces if the chatter stops for ten or twenty or thirty minutes, and at the end of that half hour we’ll address all those things it’s chattering about.

If you think about it for a few minutes, you can probably come up with your own ways to still your mind, even if just for a few minutes.

Another way to connect with our teams of personalities is to pay attention. Pay attention to what you’re doing in the present. When we do things with attention, we become aware of what’s around us,  what might be repeating in our lives, or “coincidences.” Have you seen some reference to one thing quite often in one day? Does that have a message for you? Pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to words or themes that repeat themselves.

Try automatic writing. At first you’ll probably be self-conscious and think, “This is bullshit!” but keep at it, writing a stream of consciousness. After awhile you may find that a new kind of thought is entering your mind when you do this. You may find yourself answering your own questions, or receiving whole concepts as if they’re instantly implanted in your mind.

A few friends of mine do intense dream analysis. This may appeal to some people. At one point in the past I was interested in remembering my dreams. I set an alarm to wake myself three times each night, and when I woke I’d write down what I remembered of my dreams. Soon I didn’t need the alarm; I just woke after each dream. I’d jot down a couple of words, telling myself that these words would trigger full memory, then I’d go back to sleep. Dream interpreters have developed a very elaborate language of symbols that may assist you in building a language of communication with your team of personalities; or you may develop your own language of symbols. You may find yourself having direct communication with your team in dreams.

Meditation works for many, whether guided or free-flowing. Ask to communicate with your team. If you don’t get an answer right away, keep trying.  I’ve found that sometimes when I ask for an answer and think I’m not getting one, I’m looking in the wrong place. If I’m focused on squinting down the road at the building on the horizon, expecting my answer to be there, I’m not even going to hear someone calling out to me from behind. If I’m expecting to hear or see something, I might miss the fact that I’m feeling something quite intensely or clearly. Someone once said to me, “Meditation doesn’t work for me. I don’t see anything – it’s just black.” I asked if the black had a quality: was it velvety? Scary? Warm? Nervous? The black is something – what is it? The next thing I asked was whether this person had asked for visual communication, or had tried simply turned on the light – it’s okay to turn on the light with your imagination. Imagination is creation … it’s real. Something to think about…

Some people have found powerful direct communication with their team during workshops. Shamanism, Monroe Institute Hemi-sync exercises, guided visualization, yoga, Zen meditation …

I think that everyone has or develops their own ways of communicating with their team of personalities, guides, helpers, advisers, aspects of their Whole Self. These are just a few examples of what you might try if you’re interested in opening up a more conscious communication with them. If one doesn’t work, try a different one. If none of them work, be imaginative and come up with your own. Do you like to find little things on the ground when you walk? Ask them to communicate through the objects that you find. Do you like to read? Ask them a question, close your eyes and open a book to a random page, stick your finger down on the page then open your eyes to read the passage.

Choose or make up things that sound like fun, and have fun doing them. We tend to be very goal oriented, business-like in our adulthood. But think of how little children learn. When they want to do something, they jump right in and try it. If they don’t succeed, they try it again, or try it a different way. There’s no “failure,” it is what it is. One thing works, another doesn’t, the thing that didn’t work is left behind.

Find ways to laugh at and with yourself as you explore. I’m pretty sure your team is laughing, so you might as well join in the fun. It’s also a good way to connect with your team: humor. The sacred is also profane and nutty. Don’t go whispering to them in a church-voice if you don’t feel like it. Shout at them. Assume they can hear you and tell them a joke. Talk to them as you go about the business of the day.

I think that our teams want clearer communication with us, too, so it’s not going to be a one-way street. If everyone is trying, sooner or later you’ll hear each other.

9 thoughts on “How to Communicate with Your Team (guides… whatever)

  1. Ahhh… so helpful, thank you. I would add one more thing… pay attention to your impulses. If you have an impulse to do something, go somewhere, buy something, watch something, eat something… tell someone something–whatever it is, if the impulse feels like fun, or feels like a relief, that could also be your Inner Self communicating with you.

  2. Hi Natalie 😉 I am absolute over the moon about your book and the 2 interviews you did with Bob Olsson – just amazing. I am just about to start chapter 6 and I just love your attention to detail, your ease when explaining otherdimensional things, for lack of a better word 😉 and your priceless humour 🙂 it is so refreshing. The whole book emanates great information and every sentence is so wellwritten 🙂 thankyou so much for sharing your otherworldly adventure. It has certainly put an even shinier divine spark in my 3 dimensional experience for which I am extremely gratefull. So, thankyou thankyou thankyou 🙂 I am going to read the book again, I know this for sure, and I am telling everyone, with even the tiniest bit of interest in this area, to get the book and watch the interviews.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad that you like the book and interviews. Thanks for joining my informal PR team too ha – much appreciated

  3. Maybe you can help me? I just saw you on the Unexplained. I’m trying to find out more about ” walk-ins”
    And how they pertain to an individual who has died even if really briefly. I died when I was born but only for a minute or 2 and then again when I was 14, and 17. I have almost no memories of my childhood and honestly very few oft teen years. Some but not day to day ones. Have you or anyone you’ve spoken to had this happen? I’ve always been good with Tarot, psychic abilities (not great but all right) also seeing my dad after he passed and others, and have a lot of questions as to why Ian so similar to my great grandma in that regard, she was a medium and did seances in Camden Tenn. around 1930? And why I have more attachments to a woman I never met than my actual family. Can you help me? Or at least steer me in a direction? Please?

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