Interview on Radio Sept 4

I’m scheduled to be interviewed on Darkness Radio, a paranormal show out of Mpls-St Paul. The show will air on Sept 4 at 10pm Central time. The show is also available for live streaming and as a podcast.

Now I have to go listen to some episodes of this show, since i’ve never heard it – has anyone listened to it before? Do you like the show?

3 thoughts on “Interview on Radio Sept 4

  1. Not familiar with Darkness Radio. You’d think I would be, since I’m an overnight working nurse and love the night! lol

    1. I just today downloaded some podcasts … Going by the titles of the last month of shows, it looks a little heavy on the spook and fear stuff. Makes me wonder why they approached me! {Shrug} We’ll see how it goes …

  2. Always Always Always listen to a few shows of a potential interviewer before accepting the gig. Some have special agenda that they push, others are just bad listeners and can’t stop talking. Bob is pretty good, I like his work, although sometimes he does interrupt and or talk too much himself. Another drawback there is that he is extremely animated (not a bad trait at all in itself) and his cam comes through with higher res… the result is that he comes across as more real than his interviewee … a result he did not intend with his work…. but it creates a kind of surface noise. Some interviews are so loaded with commercials that you almost have to consider that your appearance there can’t be much more than its own extended commercial, hopefully eventually bringing people to a place where they can relate to your information in piece. Also watch out for what else the showcaster may talk about. Coast to Coast AM is a good example. There are few things more horrifying, I am sure, than when your interview is closing, to hear something like “…and tomorrow night’s show we have ‘Guys that mate with animals! … and the women that love them! ” or ” Roger X talks about his abduction by Crocodiles from Alpha Centauri!”

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