Another Way to Explore: Regression

Bob Olson of afterlifetv has posted an interview with Nancy Canning on his afterlifetv website. If you’re curious about ways to gain insight and information without nearly dying to do it (!), you might find this interview interesting…

Check out Nancy Canning on afterlifetv

4 thoughts on “Another Way to Explore: Regression

  1. I’ve tried to do past life regression twice. Both done by skilled, highly recommended therapists. Nothing ever really happened. Either I’m too blocked or something is preventing me from going in this direction. Although, last time I tried, I got the sense that I had been down this road in previous lives and it was now time to deal with what I have now rather than keep looking to the past for answers.

    1. Sounds like you got something valuable from it then? Did that information feel worthwhile, that you don’t need to go that direction this time?

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