Spot on Healing: Outrageous Undoing

A friend has blogged a post that addresses the core of self-healing that is well worth reading. In fact, all her posts on Outrageous Undoing are gems … check out Marian’s insight here:

What is Real Healing and How Do I Get Me Some.

Nice, Marian!


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4 responses to “Spot on Healing: Outrageous Undoing

  1. Thank you Natalie. There was smoke coming out of my ears by the time I finished writing that one! 🙂

    • Natalie

      I can imagine … Glad you did it (now I’m comfortable waiting awhile before I feel the push myself to make it comprehensible in my words – ha).

  2. Ha! Have at it, baby.

  3. SRF

    Thank you for recommending the wonderful Marian. I have subscribed.

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