Singing Plants: communication

Are plants conscious? Is it possible to communicate with them? Beautiful video of people making the sounds of plants audible, and interacting with them …

Watch here: Singing Plants at Damanhur


4 thoughts on “Singing Plants: communication

  1. Fascinating!

    This reminds me of the work of Cleve Baxter, a polygraph expert, who in the 60’s thought of hooking a plant to a polygraph machine and discovered the plant was reacting to his intentions.

    His experiments led him to believe that plants, bacteria, cells, and eggs, are all conscious and connected.

    His experiments on yogurt bacteria for instance make me wonder: knowing that bacteria in our GI tract (gut microflora) outnumber the actual human cells by 10 to 1, could all these microbes in our bodies form a conscious collective together with our cells, a fine-tuned ecosystem, just like plants, minerals and animal life on Earth form a conscious collective being?

  2. There are wise people who believe that consciousness does indeed exist in plant life in a form that we might perhaps best understand as a kind of dream state. Eons pass, life awakens in matter and fitfully proceeds to its ultimate destination. I’m reminded of the last words of Alex, the famous well-versed parrot: “Good night, see you tomorrow, I love you.”

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