The Moore Show interview

Kevin Moore interviewed me awhile ago, and it’s been posted – click here to watch

9 thoughts on “The Moore Show interview

  1. Nathalie:
    Again, a great interview! I have a question however: When you say that every experience in the physical plane has a value from the expanded awareness point of view, why do you think that is important?

    1. Thanks Tarik. I say it because it’s the question I get asked most often: what am I doing here, what’s the point, why are we here etc

  2. Good to see you again, great interview! Hope you’re having some fun creative explorations these days…

  3. Thank you for the notification! I didn’t know of “The Moore Show.” I love your viewpoints. If you have any tips for a hypnotherapist, that I could use to help my clients, feel free to share!

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