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I recently spoke at the Transformation Conference in Springdale, Arkansas. This conference is hosted annually by Ozark Mountain Publishing, showcasing their authors. It was a wonderful group of people. Thank you Dolores, Julia and everyone at Ozark.



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  1. Hi Natalie, I too was at the very interesting Transformation Conference and I just now finished reading your enlightening book. In your book you say that all has consciousness, i.e the table lamp, computer, etc. and it seemed to me that you indicated that their consciousness was that of a being. In knowing that we all create our environment, I had thought that these physical things were of the environment that we created. But if these things are beings I have a hard time understanding what environmental physical things we create, or maybe none of our environment as I think of it physically? Do you mean that only the actual paths that we follow are of our creation, and what we perceive as physical such as the lamp are creating their own paths and are only a part of our creation as it fits into what we need to continue our path? More like a contract between us and them that we will be there for each other? Just trying to wrap my head around it all! Thank you, Sheryl

    1. I don’t think I said they’re beings … I said they have a consciousness. We have assumptions we make about “what is a being”, “what is a consciousness.” Forget what you think you know. Individuals, groups, your own or others … There are qualities of consciousnesses you can’t now imagine.

      If you want to sort everything logically, I doubt it will work. What perspective or focus do you ask your questions from? Are you sure a table can’t be both conscious and created by you? Why would you think you can’t create consciousness?

      You’re in the play that you wrote, on stage … You interact with other beings and objects, all of which you created … Maybe they also created you to write and perform in the play. Maybe you are all one being. Maybe they have completely independent “lives” outside this play that you know nothing about, whether “they” is a person or a table. While you play out the roles on stage, you immerse yourself and narrow your focus to the story. When you walk off the stage you say “that was a fun fantasy.”

      This analogy only goes so far – it’s just an analogy. But it’s an illustration of perspective or focus. X looks like one thing from one viewpoint, and. Something entirely different from another. Which is true? They both (all) are. Ultimately the broadest perspective is probably the most accurate / it accounts for every scenario below or within it. If you can wrap your mind around infinity, that might be the Truth.

      We are all that is. Not just “we are all one as humans.” We are ALL one ultimately – we are all that exists. One and each. Person or horse or table. Paradox to the human mind maybe, simple from the single point of One.

      And I could be wrong. Keep exploring, you’ll probably find your own answer.

      1. Hi Natalie, Thank you for answering my note so quickly and making things even more clear. You’ve given me a lot more to think about, especially that I could possible create consciousness or that they could have created me! What a wonderful yet mysterious world we live in.
        Thanks again, Sheryl

  2. Hi Natalie, I wondered if there is a place to listen to your presentation from the conference, or even a transcript?
    Thanks, Sharon

    1. Thanks for the Moore Show plug Sheryl! Ozark has unedited versions of the talk on cd, $15+shipping, call them at
      (479) 738-2348 if you’d like a copy, or they’ll be selling edited version soon – one cd will have all the speakers from the day I spoke, $70.

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