Making an effort to create what you want in life, obviously, assumes want.

Aligning the conscious mind to the whole self, whole mind, inner being-ness, that is the All That Is in expression, releases want.

From here, creation is direct and clear. Whatever is created is wanted. Whatever is wanted has already been created.



Filed under Inspiration, Musing, PSI Practice

5 responses to “Creating

  1. All That Is is all that is; Source infinitely sourcing Itself.

  2. Anonymous

    just needed to say — this was marvelously expressed. thank you

  3. Christine

    I’m learning. Thank you for the powerful yet gentle reminder.

  4. paul l.

    A lot said in a few words…

  5. Amanda

    Hello, thank you for this. Years ago I came to realise myself that wanting assumes lack, as you say. Yet how do we align the conscious self to the whole being, inner self? Is there a step by step method or way to know? This is something I have struggled with for years. All the best, and any tips much appreciated!

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