Effective Treatment: Hyperbaric Oxygen

I just spent 2 hours talking with a doc who is offering free treatment to vets with traumatic brain injury. Dr Carol Henricks, a neurologist, uses hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments not only for traumatic brain injury and PTS, but also for people who have had strokes, car accidents and other trauma, people who have MS or Parkinson’s and other ailments. She’s getting some amazing results with this therapy, which has been used in Europe and Japan for decades (there are many of studies out that validate its effectiveness). Results range from arrested deterioration all the way to truly amazing improvements to all out healing.

This isn’t the sort of thing that I usually share on this page, but I know there must be people out there who are looking for help with some challenges like TBI, PTS, or illnesses – or who know someone who is – and sometimes it’s hard to find someone who will do more for you than shove drugs over the counter.

I’m a big fan of things that work, whether that’s conventional medicine or alternative methods … so is this doc. She ended our conversation saying this: “We’re mostly energy. If you take all the people in the world and reduce them down to the actual matter within the atoms that they’re made of, that matter would fill one thimble. We are mostly energy. The mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind.”

If it works most efficiently to treat something through the mind, great. Let’s do it. If it works most efficiently right now to treat something through the body, let’s do it. If the two different approaches can complement each other, let’s do that.

So if you’re looking for something that might work for a condition you have and this looks interesting, check it out – and if you know a vet who is looking for help with TBI (and that might look like PTS), Dr Carol Henricks treats them FREE. Please pass the word along. She kept saying to me, “If only these people would come, I can help them.”

Dr Henricks has her office in Tucson. She has contacts all over the country, and resources to help those who are not from the Tucson area, so if you’re interested please contact her – click here for contact information.

Here is a short video interview with Dr Henricks: click here.

Healing Arizona Veterans works closely with Dr Henricks, and has a lot of information about Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, links, and a blog that posts articles by Dr Henricks: click here to check it out.




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  1. Cool! I have done about 300 hours of HBOT treatment 7 years ago, together with my young son who is on the autism spectrum, and we saw some great results with it, very quickly. In our case, we used ‘mild’ HBOT, that is, relatively low pressure (1.3 atm), but even so, it was pretty powerful. We ended up buying a portable chamber for our home, actually, since for long term it is more cost-effective, and it has to be done daily. For very sensitive individuals, who can’t tolerate medications, have trouble digesting, etc… mild HBOT is a great way to treat inflammation gently without drugs.

    Sadly, there are many ‘chronic’ illnesses affecting the brain these days, and many of us find pharmaceutical drugs not only don’t help, but hurt. There are ways to turn things around through alternative treatments like HBOT, diet, detox, etc… and most importantly, support of the gut microflora. That last one is more important than anyone imagines, though it is starting to surface in the mainstream collective.

  2. The one we have is from this company: http://www.oxyhealth.com/ We bought it 7 years ago, there might be other options these days. This is only for mild hyperbarics (1.3 atm) and the oxygen levels only go up to 40% using a mask. For higher pressures, and/or 100% oxygen, it is still necessary to go to a clinic (but that is not necessarily better, more stress on the body).

  3. I have a friend who has been doing HBOT for her MS for 7 or 8 years. She was traveling to Florida (from Minnesota) for her treatments so decided to get her own chamber for in-house. She definitely has had some slowing of progression and does feel better overall. Not a cure for her, but certainly it helps her a great deal.

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