Review of Application of Impossible Things

Jim Szpajcher Book Review: Application of Impossible Things by Natalie Sudman

I read this slim volume, which on the surface of the text was an account of her experiences while in an expanded state of consciousness as a result of being in an IED blast in Iraq. She packs a lot of data into her few pages, and offers a lot of food for thought about the way that humans, as spiritual beings, interact on many levels of consciousness. I would rank this little book on the same shelf as Bob Monroe’s “Journeys Out Of The Body” in terms of exploratory scope. If she were to continue on with her work, I would not be surprised to see her model/ construct become better defined, in much the same way as Monroe did in “Far Journeys” and “Ultimate Journey”. As a study in altered states, Sudman offers a contrasting study which compares (favorably, to my mind) with Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. Sudman’s book is not light reading, but it is definitely worth the effort.


(Thanks Jim!)

The Future / The Shift: what up?

I’ve been asked about The Future (dum-da-dum) by so many people who have read my book, I’ve decided to answer the question here.

Specifically, various people have asked what I see surrounding the 2012 shift. What is it – or is it? What will the effects and outcome be? What do I see happening in the next year or two?

First I’ll say that I did not see anything regarding this while I was out of body. At least, I didn’t see it in a way that would make it recognizable as The Shift that people talk about, so I’m not going to discuss it from that level. It wouldn’t make any sense as an answer to people’s questions.

My understanding of what people are calling The Shift does, though, come from a non-physical perspective. When this subject comes up, I find myself focused beyond time/space, watching enormous energy flows making some interesting new junctions and relationships. These energies might be understood as matrices that shape experience not just in the physical dimensions, but in many (all?) dimensions. They aren’t really matrices, that’s simply a model that I use to describe them. They have a certain unique consciousness, but I won’t complicate things with that right now.

Human consciousness is affected by these massive flows of energy shifting – how could it not be? We don’t exist in a vacuum, or separate from the non-physical. The physical and non-physical are only differentiated in our human minds. They are one.

Understand that consciousness (physical and non-physical) is always shifting, always making a huge evolutionary leap of some kind. This particular shift appears unusual to me in the potential of its effects to be deeper and broader than that of many shifts and leaps. Not just related to humans, but to everything that exists.

I don’t see this shift as solely an earth shift, then, and don’t even see it as necessarily originating on the earth physical plane. It appears as a symphony of intention and attention, originating throughout the physical and non-physical, or from within all that exists – physical and non-physical, or from between all that exists. It’s a co-creation. Not everyone/thing in all of existence is participating, but many are contributing their attention. Think of it like an inter-dimensional bowl game: it dominates the landscape and causes many changes in schedules and intentions, but not everyone gives a shit.

Does 2012 have anything to do with it? My first instinct is to say, Who cares? My next is to say, Are you reading it or creating it? In other words, are you intuiting a future, or creating that significance by the power of thought? Of course 2012 has something to do with it, and of course it does not. The shift has been going on for some time now, and it will continue until it has turned. If you look for a crux in 2012 you’ll be able to identify one, just as you can find a reason to be disgruntled today if you start the day with a chip on your shoulder. Preconceived ideas, beliefs, shape our perceptions. The non-physical has no need of calendars, and the non-physical personalities that I know are not really interested in ours.

And (not but!)… Calendars count time, and physical world time is linked in interesting ways to the non-physical. Numbers are, in one sense, pure abstraction; in their pure abstraction, they are beautiful translations of abstract energies and movements. You could say that 2012 carries a vibration that affects, and translates, and supports, and is supported by the shifts of enormous energies.

One’s perspective has everything to do with what 2012 has to do with anything. From the pure whole of All That Is, 2012 is meaningless. From the pure awareness of All That Is, 2012 is meaningful.

This shift has been gathering momentum for a very long time. It could easily be said to have been gathering momentum since the beginning of time. Just as many changes are not noticeable until a certain amount of power (energy) has gathered, the ongoing shifts are more noticeable now for the accumulation of directed energies.

Shifts such as this one have occurred before, and will again.

Seeing what I do doesn’t give me any specific sense of what outcome will manifest. When I look at it, I see many potential outcomes, some of which show no obvious effect at all (‘obvious’ being the key word). Tipping points can be dramatic, or flow so smoothly that you hardly realize you’ve crested the peak and are well past the crux. There are infinite potential outcomes available. From what I’ve seen, the collective consciousness of humanity – the group ‘we’ – hasn’t chosen which creative potential it will follow.

We have free will. How the shift will manifest in our lives is our choice. We are participants in creating it, so how would you like it to look? Which potential or possible future would you like to follow? Thought creates reality.

Having already experienced living in a war zone and being blown up, I have little interest in trauma and drama. Personally, I’m imagining beautiful and interesting things.

The Heart & Heart Chakra, Part 4

And so we will return to the heart.

Consider that some of those who profess to “move from the heart” may speak a different language than you speak, in that internally they are using reference points and connotations that are quite different from yours. Some may assume the movement of awareness [throughout many points, inside and outside the body, as discussed earlier] when speaking of “moving from the heart,” and only really be urging others to become acquainted with the heart. Their verbalization, in other words, may be inaccurate while their understanding is accurate.

We say again that those who truly understand do not really move from the heart – a sloppy verbalization of a precise idea; they move from the acknowledgment of their innate wholeness. If they want to see that as seated completely or mainly in the heart, that is their choice. If we are speaking in metaphor and model, it works. If we are speaking from Truth, it is accurate but not true, for as we stated, one may choose any part of the body from which to move, and one will find the same innate creativity, the essence, the All in the single point – Love. For you are it.

So now let us move to a discussion of the chakra …

First we would like to congratulate the human race on the model of chakras, which has been and continues to be a useful model of energy flows. Then we would like to remind you that it is only a model, useful for understanding something complex and multi-dimensional for which the human language has no particular vocabulary. The energies are in fact much more complex than is presented in the chakra model, as some masters know, of course. The model as popularly familiar and is fairly and superficially workable for the moment, so we will use it. If we at some point step beyond it, keep these words in mind.

Consider that the chakras have been assigned tasks by the humans that participate in this model. The heart chakra’s energy has come to be weighted toward love through intention – through the combined and repeated intention of many humans believing in that particular weight or specialty. Heart, the heart chakra, has taken on the personality – through the power of thought. We speak of it in this way to shake up some people’s ideas; this is not fully true, just one perspective that is accurate.

Another way to understand this point is to understand that affinity, “love,” is the part of the heart’s energy that is most often focused upon by human consciousness, the other aspects of its beingness more or less ignored. So it comes to appear to the human that the heart’s specialty is affinity and love, or the heart actually does accept and respond to this attention by growing in that particular area.

Relatedly, yet another way to understand this point is to acknowledge that the heart’s specialty is indeed affinity, love. For as an individual being, Heart, who is all hearts, has a deep understanding of and adeptness with that portion of the human experience, for the attention directed toward it has developed it in this direction. Not against its will, but in conjunction and cooperation with All. And not out of balance with the remainder of its awareness, but as a specialty. Is this understood?

These are all accurate, none describing the whole truth. Just a reminder as we move forward with this discussion – to keep in mind that affinity or love is not all the heart is capable of, for the heart is All and so carries the potential and capacity and beingness of All. Love may be understood as a specialty – or that is how we are looking at it for this discussion. Since the heart chakra moves from the heart, so it carries the heart-beingness energy, both specialized and infinite.

We will leave this point for contemplation as you see fit.

So … we will say now that the heart chakra is often described as being about, the seat of, love for others. This we would encourage people to re-examine, for as you know, the energy of the fourth chakra is not about love for others but love and affinity for the self.

From the perspective of All as One, of course, they are the same thing. But you are in physical bodies and physical awarenesses. You are not moving at all times from the Whole Self awareness, so in this instance we will not address you or this subject from that perspective. We will stick to the current collective consciousness perspective for the purposes of clarity (and making our point) in this discussion …

In the case of the heart chakra being about others or self, self must come first, you see, for only by accepting the self as perfect is the being able to recognize the perfection of others in their true and pure form – to share the beingness of co-passion, co-respect. It cannot move the other way, from other to self, for other implies other-ness and will not naturally lead to understanding that you are other. The mechanical reasons for this are not important for this discussion, so we will not enter further. Suffice it to say that the easiest, most efficient, and most accurate way for the human to move from the heart/love (to become or be aware of their beingness) is to recognize and enter their affinity for themselves.

We will not say that anyone is wrong for understanding the fourth chakra as being about love for others… we are saying that if one describes the fourth chakra as being primarily about affinity for one’s self, that would be more accurate and ultimately more useful.

That is all we have to say for now on this subject.



The Heart & Heart Chakra, Part 3

Love is not a feeling, as you have discovered, or remembered and experienced. It is a state of being, and it is a perpetual creative and kinetic state, for all of existence exists within it, creates it, is it, participates in it, and is created by it. Love is. You cannot, as a consciousness, not participate in it, for if you were to step out of it, you step out of any existence – physical or non-physical. It is impossible, so not worth contemplating.

In becoming or being aware of this state of being that you are, you may experience emotions, yet the beingness is not the emotion. We would encourage one not to mistake an emotion for a beingness. Emotions are not necessarily indicators of a truth, nor are they the thing. They are indicators of, reactions to, a perspective. They are not the Love.

We would like to expand upon this.

The word “love” in English most often refers to an emotion, which you correctly cringe at, instinctively and correctly understanding that True Love (Unconditional love, many say) is not an emotion. You personally would be more comfortable referring to Love (capitalized) as a living being, and in this you would be more accurate if still not completely correct. You would be more comfortable referring to love as the core being-ness of being, which would also be a more accurate description, if not yet complete. In your lexicon love might be more accurately referred to as “limitless creativity,” “inherent balance,” “harmony.” You cannot find the proper word with the proper connotations and vibrations, for as you know the proper word does not exist in your language. “Love” as a word has lost its meaning in the English language (in this context of which we speak), at its essence, just as the word “God” has been so defined as to have lost the limitlessness of the mysterious, eternal, creative and essentially unknowable-ness / total knowing-ness of that to which it refers.

The word is only marginally important. We cannot give you a new word, nor would you want us to do so. It would not make your experience or your state of being any more comprehensible to another without the word’s widespread dissemination and use. Therefore, we will continue to use the word “love” with all its inadequacies. As long as you will remember that love is not an emotion but a state of being, we can continue our discussion of the heart and its chakra.

(to be continued)


The Heart & Heart Chakra, Part 2

We now speak of the mind in the heart. Is this an optimal residence for the mind? Of course it is, and of course it is not. The mind, or awareness, will not be confined to the heart, nor is it necessarily wise to move entirely from the point of view of the heart at all times. Would you choose to move through life with the mind primarily residing in the shoulder blade or the knee? This sounds nonsensical, but we assure you that seating the mind in the heart, at all times or primarily, is equally pointless. The heart is no more the natural seat of the mind than it is the natural seat of love. Or the heart is no more the natural seat of the mind or of love than is the big toe or one hair on your head. It is no LESS love than any of those other points, either. They are all one, all equally aware and connected, of and creating and crated by the All That Is, which is Love.

That said, there are different perspectives of awareness that may be gained by moving the mind around from one point to another, be that within the body or outside of it. This you know, for you do it constantly, shifting from here to there, in and out, around and through. The heart has its perspective; neglecting its awareness would be a pity, but moving from it at all times would cause one to be missing other perspectives. There is a possibility of becoming imbalanced.

Some that profess to be wise in the ways of energy have said that if you are always in your head, you will become out of balance, and urge people to move from the heart. Well, a place for the heart is necessary. Yet we would say that if one is always in the heart, is it not obvious that it too will create a certain imbalance?

We would suggest that one move around, to and through many points, aware of that movement, becoming acquainted with their expressions within one’s own body and existence in the physical. We would suggest that one try this and choose it or not for themselves. As one comes to know (be well acquainted with) the perspectives, one may also begin to become adept at utilizing the heart at this time, the knee at that time, the head at another, the hand in that situation, appropriately and to one’s benefit (and therefore the benefit of all – and All.)

If, once acquainted with many, one person is then most comfortable moving primarily from the heart, that is well. It may be that “moving from the heart” serves that which this person chooses to explore and expand in this incarnation. If, however, this person then believes that this is the way and the truth for all, they are mistaken, for each finds his/her own path and they will not be the same paths as each other.


(To Be Continued …)

The Heart & Heart Chakra: Part 1

What follows is a conversation about this subject that I had with my gang of friends who currently occupy the non-physical levels … (who might just be me, or aspects of me, who knows. I’m just not sure yet.)

My request: Talk to me about the heart, and the heart chakra.

We know where you would prefer start, but let us begin in another position and work our way to it. We would like first for you to see from one perspective, then another, with the implication that there are yet other viewpoints, and all of them complete and valid.

The heart, as a physical (ahem*) entity, could be viewed as a manifestation of the Whole Heart. In other words, all are one heart, and that one is a consciousness in and of itself, as well as being many (all) hearts. This is not quite Truth but is accurate. Neither is it quite the understanding of those who speak of “one heart” but they are close enough to work with this.

From this perspective, it matters not whether you “open your heart” for that is a nonsensical instruction. Your heart cannot be anything other than what it essentially is, which is an individual heart, and also a participant in the One Heart, which is of All That Is. The heart is always “open,” for it can be nothing but by its nature. What people mean by this is not to open the heart, but to open the conscious mind to the awareness of the heart.

And so, through “awareness ” … we meet the mind. The current cultural picture, whether individuals realize it or not, is that the mind resides naturally (sits most naturally, works most naturally) in or through the brain, or in the head. This is an erroneous assumption. As you know from experience, the mind can be anywhere – anywhere within the body, anywhere within the world, anywhere outside of the world, for it is Whole, it is consciousness, limitless. It is at home anywhere, for it is everywhere.

(to be continued …)

Coming on Bio & A&E this summer …

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a program at The Monroe Institute (TMI) that was filmed for a new show coming on Bio and A&E channels this summer … here’s the  TMI blurb … I’ll let you know when the show will air as soon as I find out!

The History Channel spends a week at The Monroe Institute!

On March 9th, a group of young cameramen arrived at Robert’s Mountain Retreat to spend the week capturing the experiences of thirteen participants during the Lifeline program.

UnXplained is a new series that is featured on the Biography Channel, as well as A&E. After Executive Producer Russ Stratton, attended a Gateway Voyage Program several years ago, he immediately knew that it was important to share this experience with the world.

After years of planning, he brought his film crew of five cameramen to capture this process in action during a Lifeline program.

For the entire week, thirteen participants from all over the world, were filmed as their journey through the Lifeline program unfolded. Belief systems were reframed, parts of Self were reclaimed, and many experienced assisting souls to the light.

By the end of the week, the crew had become part of the group and even listened to a few of the exercises with the participants. The participants got great enjoyment in the excitement on the their faces as they explained what they had experienced.

Over 100 hours of footage were taped during the week. Now editing and confirming data is in process, the finished film to air possibly this summer.

The bond created between participants and the film crew was nothing short of amazing and some crew members are very eager to return as participants themselves!

The episode is scheduled to air late-July or Early August. Stay tuned for the official date so you don’t miss out on the premiere of a very exciting week caught on film!


Interview with AfterlifeTV

Check out this interview with – thanks Bob Olson!

Interview with Natalie Sudman

An interview re Application of Impossible Things is posted here:

Thanks Laura Deal …!

(psd men and Iraq battle buddies might want to skip straight to the tenth and eleventh questions 🙂

Book cover of Application of Impossible Things


Channeling: Astrology

Tonight I asked the gang to tell me something about astrology. I was not specific in my question because I hoped for some information that I might not have thought to ask about. Here is what I received:

What would you know? You understand how the layers of reality intertwine, how the perspectives can give views that appear to be contradictory. Does astrology work? Of course it does. Is it what it is currently understood to be? Of course it is not, in a sense. In another sense, of course it is. We will say that the general understanding of the uses of astrology is accurate. We would not say that the comprehension of astrology is true, but it is accurate. It is incomplete, yet functional even in the incomplete understanding.

As we have stated, the stars are, in a manner of speaking, indicators. It could be said that they do not create, but indicate. They do not control, but open specific possibilities by their positions. Yet that would also be from a specific perspective.

We will now look at if from another angle. Let us say that all is one, as you have known. In this case, there is not space between physical and non-physical. The spaces between “physical reality” are non-physical, if you prefer. The physical and non-physical occupy the same “space.” You do not “go” anywhere when you “move out” of the physical (in the perspective that we speak of), rather you simply shift focus so that you are able to perceive throughout, or to perceive one particular reality that is not physical reality. We remind you of this before moving on with the subject of astrology …

So with this base, let us return to the familiarity of the stars. They are physical beings, sentient and conscious beings; they are also energy, or perhaps no more than energy. They exist within the solar system, a physical system that works according to certain rules that are agreed upon (that may be broken with effort – let us not get sidetracked though. You have written something of the “rules” in your book Application of Impossible Things). As non-physical beings, the stars and planets move in harmony with energies beyond the physical, responding and tracking and creating the shifts and changes of large energy flows. The stars and planets, in this perspective, are both creating the physical and non-physical flows, and being created by them.

We remind you: just as you do not exist alone only as a physical Natalie, so these stars do not exist only as physical stars. The non-physical must be taken into account, for in this sense the stars and planets are not only indicators that may be read by humans, they are also participants and creators.

Let us say that a particular alignment of planets occurs. This alignment could be seen simply a result of the “natural” movement within the “rules” of the physical universe in which these star souls operate. This would be accurate but incomplete.

The movement is, for the purpose of this example, also a reflection of non-physical systems that are balanced and in motion in their specific ways for specific reasons. (Reasons that are not necessarily important, for going into this would sidetrack us into equally interesting subjects.)

The stars then are doing their “predictable” routes in creating various alignments with each other on both physical and non-physical levels. Naturally, as you would say – it is their nature. They also affect the reality that they exist within because of their movement – as do all things that exist within the physical environment.  They also, as reflections of the non-physical, indicate certain things by their positions, even while they participate in creating it.

They are a language to be read. You could just as well read a stone, or the movement of water, but it was chosen to read stars.

The planets indicate what the broad flows of non-physical energy are doing or supporting or exploring. The stars or planets also, being essentially non-physical themselves, help to create those flows, and move in conscious and voluntary harmonic with the flows. In this sense, they are the flows, create the flows, respond to the flows, indicate the flows, and are created by the flows.

We state the same idea in more than one way in this explanation. This is for a reason, for reading this idea in more than one way has loosened more than one misunderstanding in the complexity that is your mind, your beliefs, the structure of your understanding.

(laughter) We realize this will not necessarily clear up any questions for the reader. We do not do this to confuse, but to attempt to expand the basic understanding of the relationships between physical and non-physical, and to deepen or broaden the concepts that underwrite the way you understand the world in which you participate.

Paradox does not sit easily on the human mind, and stretching is often confusing. Please simply consider what we have said, let it sit in your mind without trying to untangle it, and you will slowly understand it intuitively. For all that we say of the astrology, the stars, applies to the human being.

Thank you. 

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