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An application of impossible things

Can forgiveness play a role in criminal justice … A beautiful, gritty example of applying “impossible” things:

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Thinking lately about the opportunities we’re offered to rise above ourselves, to respond in new ways to what we might perceive as unforgivable or incomprehensible. This article is an example of what we’re all capable of finding within ourselves as an expression of our true natures.

The perspective from which we view anything creates our reality. The actions we take based on our perspectives creates our shared experience. A shift in perspective can change the world …

I believe that forgiveness is never impossible, even when it seems so. It is always the best choice of action, even if trying with intention and attention is the closest you can get to it for now. forgiving others and ourselves is an invitation to a state of grace – inner peace, connection, an expression of the wisdom of our whole self.


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