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What to ask the Dalai Lama

If you could meet the Dalai Lama and ask him any question that you wanted to ask, what would that question be?

This question floated into my mind today while I was playing in the studio. It could have been asked of any teacher, healer, wise wo/man: Jesus, Madame Blavatsky, Mohammed, Saint Theresa, the Buddha, whoever (why am I having trouble finding wise women’s names?? That is wrong). The Dalai Lama just happened to come to mind, I suppose because many people that I know revere him and either have met him or would like very much to be in his presence.

While pondering an answer to the question, I had to admit that I don’t care if I never meet the Dalai Lama. I don’t feel a strong craving to touch famous people, be that person Jesus or Johnny Depp. Well, okay, there are reasons it might be fun to meet Johnny Depp … yet if you meet a famous person only once, what’s the point? They won’t remember you five seconds from now. It’s not as if their ‘magic’ will rub off on you. Their magic belongs to them.

The few times that I’ve embarrassed myself by craving the touch of a famous person, it was because I felt that I was missing something in myself. That wasn’t true – I wasn’t missing anything. But I believed I was, and I think on some level I believed that by touching the famous person I would somehow become valuable.

If I still believed that I was missing something, perhaps I’d want to meet the Dalai Lama. Does it sound arrogant or ignorant to say that I don’t think that he knows anything that I don’t know? I don’t think that he knows anything that I don’t know. Or anyting more than is available to any of us. He only knows where to find it within himself. And even that is something that we all have the ability or capacity to do – find our own answers within ourselves and our own experience.

I don’t think that I would learn anything by being in the Dalai Lama’s presence unless I created that something myself.

I imagine thousands of people ask the Dalai Lama weighty questions: What is the meaning of life? How can I solve this problem? How can I heal? What is reality? How do we save the planet?

When I try to imagine asking these questions of him or anyone, I’m left feeling dead inside and slightly depressed. The questions sound meaningless, empty and desperate, when asked of another person. Why would you ask these questions of someone else? If they told you the answer, you would still have to find a way to believe them.


I would rather sit in silence and wait for the answer to come to me. Even if it took the rest of my life. Then when the answer came, I would really know it, not just believe.

If the Dalai Lama and I happened to be introduced, I’d be pleased to meet him.  I suspect he’s a kind and interesting man.  That’s something different than having a longing or strong desire to meet him, isn’t it?

Here is what I’d really like to ask the Dalai Lama if we happened to be introduced: Would you like to go with me to feed the ducks?

I think that he would enjoy feeding the ducks. It would be a nice relaxing break from all the Big Heavy questions.


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