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Create a Dog

Just thought I’d share a little something that happened on Saturday. It may be related to the last post, communicating with the team, and/or an example of creating what we want, and/or being supported by the All.

In the morning I was talking on the phone with a friend and said that I might get a dog next month. We talked about that for a few minutes. After we hung up I spent about an hour thinking about what kind of dog I’d get, what I’d have to do to dog-proof the house, imagined training it, going for walks, maybe fencing the yard … My musings were detailed and charged with some longing, anticipation and happiness, and a little bit of reservation.

Three hours later I was sitting in the living room when a dog showed up at back sliding glass door. She stood looking in at me like she belonged inside, come on, let me in!

I went outside to talk with her, and she acted so happy to see me, like we were long lost friends. And she wouldn’t leave! She followed me all afternoon, occasionally wandering off to check something out but always returning.

The name on her collar was … Angel.

Being familiar with the way my team communicates with me and the way I create what I want in my life, I have to say that this was a pretty clear message that my getting a dog would be a good idea for me.

Daydreaming is powerful. It can be a fun way to create or ask a question.

Eventually I did track down Angel’s home, returning her to her family. Maybe soon I’ll be posting a picture of my new dog!



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