* I no longer teach this course – it’s now owned by The Monroe Institute, and is offered on their schedule. Check with their website to find costs and schedules. *

Transformational 6-Day Program for Mindful Awareness, Stress Release, and Inner Balance/Peace
(I am one of 3 trainers for this program)

The Event Horizon program is the beginning of a powerful personal practice to cultivate and maintain a state of coherent peace within yourself. You will learn life-changing skills and tools for your own daily practice. We teach from the mindset that “action that arises from inner coherence allows for the practice of peace within a mindful presence.” Here is just a sample of what you will gain from this 6-day transformational program.

– Discover access to the physical and non-physical realms in a new and profound way.

– Begin a powerful personal practice to cultivate and maintain a state of coherent peace within yourself.

– Train using a highly effective process for release of the accumulated stress and trauma of daily living.

– Return home with effective tools for maintaining a balanced awareness for resilience in handling daily stressors.

– Practice access to and expansion of mindful awareness, where choice in action replaces habits of reaction.

– Experience profound relaxation and the resulting ability to coherently think, speak, and act from the presence of your balanced inner self.

This is a 6-day program currently being offered at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia on the following dates:

May 21-27, 2016

October 22-28, 2016

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot: Event Horizon.


The Event Horizon program was developed within TEHI, a research and educational institute.

4 responses to “Courses

  1. Sherry

    When will your next class be

  2. Deanna Jones

    Is there any chance you may offer this course online in the near future?

    • I need to update this, Deanna – I’m not training this course anymore. It now belongs to The Monroe Institute. I don’t think they offer this one as an online course, although they do offer others of their courses online – you can can check their website.

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