I’m a child of middle America. I’ve worked and traveled throughout the United States, as well as parts of Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, China, New Zealand, and Antarctica. I currently live in the Minnesota.

I write, make art, and love to spend time outdoors.

An interest in the supernormal began when I was a child. I saw and felt the presence of spirits and energy fields, knew and dreamed things that later happened, and regularly drifted in the pleasant non-physical worlds for relaxation and healing. I’ve spent my adult life gaining some control over and understanding of the natural non-physical aspects of this reality we inhabit.

I offer intuitive readings. If you’re interested, please click on the Readings page of this blog.

I have an author page on Facebook if you’d like to follow along: facebook

My book Application of Impossible Things, Out of Body in Iraq is available through amazon, Ozark Mtn Publishing, Barnes & Noble, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

My art can be found here: nsudman.com

Interview requests will be reviewed in January for the coming year. Please email me at njsudman@gmail.com with your details including name of show, platform (incl audio or video), intention of the show, links to previous episodes, what your interest is in interviewing me.


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  1. Natalie, I just discovered you through a push from Monroe Institute about your upcoming book. Have placed an order with Amazon. I am sitting here smiling ear to ear reading your account of your NDE and the tenor of your writing. If you look at my website http://www.sacredspaceswa.com you will discover that though I have not had the physically dramatic experience that you have, I have consciously spent my life in multi-dimensions from birth. I always love meeting someone who is doing the same. Happy journeys!

  2. Hi Natalie. Ozark sent me your book and I would love to interview you on AfterlifeTV.com. It’s kind of funny, as I tried to set it up via the PR department at Ozark, but didn’t hear back from them. I searched for an email address for you, but can’t find one. And your phone number above isn’t working, at least today. Please check out http://www.AfterlifeTV.com and our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/afterlifetv. If you’re interested in sharing your message in an interview with me, you can contact me via the Contact page at AfterlifeTV.com. I hope to hear from you. Love your book by the way. Warmly, Bob Olson

  3. One day I may work up the courage to call you for a reading. Is the number still the same?

  4. Hello, I’ve been reading your book and really enjoy it! It is one of the more technical NDE accounts out there. You recently posted about the Old Monroe and New Monroe, and the 2 beings that were bothering him. If I recall correctly, they were his deceased cats. That was why they were climbing all over him….Also, if you would like some top of the line binaural compositions, I would be glad to send some to you free of charge as a token of my appreciation. Just check the website for more info or email me back.

  5. Will you write a blog posting about cats and dogs and other animals? I really hope that they also have the same kind of “soul” as we do.

    1. I’ll put this on my list, Pam. As a short answer, I’ve seen them on the non-physical. From my experience, they are also more than their physical bodies.

  6. Hi Natalie

    My name is Candace Craw-Goldman, I work closely with Dolores and Julia Cannon. I am the Managing Director of the QHHT Support Forum for Practitioners of Dolores’ method of healing and exploration. (Basically I manage her worldwide community of Practitioners who support each other in this work.)

    A number of us have recently read your book, (Bravo, by the way just wonderful)!!!! And…find ourselves discussing and are intensely curious as to the connection between NDEs and the process of communication we facilitate with our “whole selves” (Dolores calls this the Subconscious or the SC) in Dolores’ hypnotherapy method.

    We’ve all seen the Afterlife show as well, (Thanks Bob Olson)

    I wonder if you would be willing to communicate directly with me/ius?

    I’m also a painter, and your paintings really speak to me on that level too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    In any regards, you can read more about me at my website/blog if you want http://www.newearthjourney.com

    Or my blog http://www.newearthjourney.wordpress.com

    and you can email me if you would like at newearthjourney@gmail.com

    We also have a little youtube show we call the Quantum Healing Information Network. (QHIN).

    I just finished your book this morning…the double awareness you describe is so much a part of my world. It was so wonderful to have you describe it so very well.

    Thank you for the gift of your book to our world.

    Kind regards to you.


  7. just received your book and read the start thingy…lol preface etc… I know i am going to love it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ david

  8. Hi Natalie,

    I think you would enjoy this discussion about music, improvisation, structure, focus and curiosity.

    Thank you for sharing your story with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best in your journey.

    Katherine Deane

  9. Hi Natalie, I first stumbled upon you (metaphorically speaking) a few years ago when you appeared on a TV show about Monroe Institute participants attempting to help lost souls cross over. So when I recently learned that you had a book out about your NDE in Iraq, I was intrigued but at first reluctant to read it, simply because I have read so many of these stories over the years I have been engaging in “spiritual” studies. NDE stories, while all interesting in their own right, have become somewhat “old hat” to me and I figured yours would be more of the same. But my guides encouraged me to give it a shot and I have to say, boy was I wrong.

    You have provided a wonderfully detailed “I felt like I was there with you” description of what the non-physical universe(s) and life in this dimension are all about. Your material resonated with me (yeah, that is precisely the right word) and everything you say makes sense to me on a deep level. I was excited (!) to find correlations and validations with concepts I have encountered in other readings, such as the Law of One and Dolores Cannon’s works. I say “excited” because I like getting the same information from more than one source – it reassures me that there is a high likelihood that what I have extracted from them is correct. I surmise that you are (when out of the body) a highly advanced soul in that you have raised your vibrations to the point of being able to participate in the activities you describe in the book.

    My wife and I have been going thru some tough times the last couple of years (nothing like being blown up but likely neither of us would jump at the chance to trade.) I, like you, am tired of being on this pile of rocks and while I find the idea of being able to rewrite my “contract” comforting, I feel like I have something to do here and don’t want to quit until it’s finished. This is my first time here (psychics and QHHT support this belief) and I find myself wondering what the hell was I thinking when I signed up for this gig. But I found comfort in your description of how things that are intensely difficult while in the body are (and will be) utterly laughable outside of it, and how the bodies we chose to live in are the source of much of our unhappiness here. I wish I had the ability like you to take out of body “vacations” but after a number of years of working with Monroe’s hemi-sync, I have yet to book a trip. But I’ll keep trying.

    Anway, thanks for a good read and I hope the rest of your journey here is pleasant.

    1. Cheers Joe – glad my book resonated and you enjoyed it. Sometimes getting all the way IN the body is as profound as getting out of the body … Enjoy exploring!

  10. Thank you so very much — first, for your service, but second — for taking the time to write such an spectacular, indeed life-changing book. (As to the commonplace description that OBEs are “ineffable,” I’ve wondered why experiencers don’t at least attempt to try. You did and succeeded — at least as far as words and language will admit.)

    I learned a tremendous amount and I am profoundly grateful.

  11. Dear Natalie,

    I’ve just finished reading your astonishingly lucid and courageous book. I found it especially illuminating vis-a-vis how we create and co-create what we take to be reality. It occurs to me that you might enjoy CALLING EARTH, a feature documentary I completed last year about afterlife communication via modern electronics, a phenomenon that’s been observed at least as far back as the 1950s. There’s a link to it on my website’s homepage, newscience2020.com.

    Very best wishes,
    Daniel Drasin
    Documentary Producer
    Greenbrae, California

  12. Natalie ~ I just finished your book, “Application of Impossible Things” and it reflected many of the experiences I had during my two near-death experiences. I wrote about them in “BOOKED: Trip to the Other Side and Back.” The incredible love, joy, and wisdom gained from my trips is beyond words and continues to this day. You were better able to provide details than I was, but the feeling remains. I feel like our are a kindred spirit and I am so grateful. I know your journey is unique as is mind and all. Many blessings, Nancy Waldron, website: http://www.nancyawaldron.com

    1. Hello Nancy – thank you for contacting me. Iโ€™m glad to know that my experience resonates with your own. Iโ€™ll check out your book … blessings

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