If you’d like an appointment please email me ( before booking here. I have a waiting list, so there are people in line ahead of you. I’ll get your name on the waiting list when you email me.

If you book here without checking with me first, I charge $25 of your payment as a refund fee.

I offer half hour ($200), one hour ($300) and one and a half hour ($500) sessions.

Payment is required when you book the appointment. The scheduling service accepts credit cards and PayPal payments. At this time they do not accept Zelle or Venmo.

More informations about the readings can be found below. PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS INFORMATION …

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Additional information:

I can record my end of our session and make a digital file available for you to download online (private box, only you and I have access). If you want your voice on the recording, please arrange to record the session from your end. Sometimes recordings go awry; if you want to guarantee a recording, please arrange to do the recording yourself.

Session overview:I ask clients to take some time prior to the reading to think about what they’d like me to address. This can be specific questions or broad themes. I find that if you set your intentions in this way, I am more likely to get the most relevant, useful and interesting information for you.

Please be aware that I am not an evidential medium. I may be able to connect with someone who has crossed over, but it’s not what I do a lot of and I don’t pretend to be especially good at it. If you are specifically interested in contacted those who have crossed, please contact one of the evidential mediums on the Referral Links page, or visit Family Forever Foundation, Windbridge Institute, or afterlifeTV for their listings.

I don’t take follow up questions. If you forget to ask a question or think of a follow up question after your session, please book another session.

Overseas Clients

I’m unable to call overseas. If you live outside the US or Canada, the following options are available:

1. You can phone me at your expense

2. We can use WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or Skype (no video). If you have a different app you’d like to use, let me know with a note during the booking process, or email me after booking ( We’ll work something out.

Please review the Terms of Use page. No psychic or intuitive reading is intended to, nor should it ever take the place of, professional services including but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business or psychological. My readings are offered for educational and spiritual assistance, yet in the end we are each our own best source of wisdom. My readings are based upon the truth that we are each responsible for our own actions, decisions, and choices.


A portion of earnings are donated to one of the following charities:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Planned Parenthood

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nature Conservancy

Land Stewardship Project

Southern Poverty Law Center

8million Trees

Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Wee 3 Beasties

Second Harvest Heartland

Feeding America

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