Referral Links

All listed here work at distance; some work in person. Click on titles to follow links for details.

Paul Selig: Readings

Paul is a gifted channeler and psychic – “primarily for the living” (not mediumship unless it comes up in passing). Accurate, deep, clear.

Anthony Mrocka: Mediumship, Readings

Anthony is a gifted medium and psychic. If you want a mediumship reading, this is the man. If you want a psychic reading, also a good choice. A lovely presence and really good reader.

Michael & Ginny Todd, Psychic Reality

Michael and Ginny are gifted readers and healers. They are located in the Bay Area and are available for readings in person and by phone. Same day appointments are often available.

Fahrusha: Psychic Readings

Fahrusha is a talented psychic who is very well known and regarded in the the NYC area.

Selah Saterstrom: Readings

Selah does traditional rootwork divination style readings, deep and accurate.

Toni Petrinovich: Readings & Teachings

Toni offers a few different kinds of spiritual readings, accessing the Whole Self divine level. She is not a coach or counselor – go to Toni for clear soul communication.

Dr Lotte Valentin: Medical Intuitive

Dr Lotte went to med school after an NDE, and studied alternative medicines as well. She’s a medical intuitive, psychic, physician and author.

Becca Tarnas: archetypal astrology

Becca practices a form of astrology that is part of a discipline known as Archetypal Cosmology, focusing primarily on the geometrical relationships between the planetary bodies of our solar system.

Janet Johnston: Enneagram Coaching

Janet Johnston helps release fear-based ideas of self and reality, setting free authentic choices and expression.

Joy Snipes: Energetic Healing

Joy is a gifted intuitive, offering intuitive and mediumship readings as well as deep, gentle energetic spiritual healing.

Donna Barton: Intuitive Integrations

Donna’s intuitive sessions guide in the transformation of triggers, doubt, &  resistance toward a happier expression of the soul.

Erin Burrell: Tarot & Author

Erin connects with guides and Spirit through tarot for assistance with clarity, understanding, choices on your personal path.

Doreen Molloy: Mediumship Readings

Doreen Molloy is a talented psychic and medium located on the east coast, available for phone consultations.

Michael Speight: Meditation

Michael is a gifted meditation teacher in the eastern traditions, early Transcendental Meditation instructor, as well as an author.

Heather Ensworth: Astrologer

Heather is a very gifted, wise woman whose readings are profound and valuable. If you’re looking for an astrology reading, you can’t do better than Heather.

Sandra Ingerman: shamanic teachings

Gentle, wise, humble, and powerful soul. Author, lecturer, teacher.

Heather Anderson: Animal Communicator

I haven’t spoken with Heather, but she comes highly recommended. You may also want to check out the person Heather studied with, Danielle MacKinnon.

Marinda Stopforth: Spiritual Inquiry & Tools

SoulCollage® workshops: create your own divining cards through a process that dives deep. Email Marinda

Col. Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD: Corcoran Consulting

Expertise in validating, educating, and supporting military near death experiencers in particular.

Forever Family Foundation

If you’ve lost a family member or friend and are grieving and want to speak with a medium as soon as possible, I would suggest getting hold of someone in this organization.

Self Directed Workshop: Paul Selig’s books beginning with I Am The Word

If you take these books seriously as a home study program, your life will change. This is the real deal.

Near Death Interviews & Information:

Bob Olson is a wonderfully curious interviewer who asks good questions. He’s interviewed all the big names, and many people you’ve never heard of. Down to earth, intelligent, well worth checking out.

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