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Interview: New Bridge Radio

Spoke with Kevin Mackey on his New Bridge Radio show recently – check it out here:

New Bridge Radio

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Dear Life Podcast Interview

Christina Rasmussen of Dear Life Podcast interviewed me recently … click the link below to access the podcast, and to find links to other ways to listen like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc:

Dear Life Podcast interview

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Past Lives Podcast interview

I recently enjoyed speaking with Simon Bown of Past Lives Podcast – click on the link below to listen to the interview, or find his podcast through your favorite app.

Click here for Past Lives Podcast interview

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Passion Harvest Interview

Luisa of Passion Harvest interviewed me recently … check it out with these links

YouTube link:

Podcast Link:

Soundcloud link:

Find other interviews of interest at Passion Harvest – social media details:




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Interview with Nina

… for her Spiritual Nerd site. Check it out here: Spiritual Nerd

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Interview: Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation

To be aired Sunday March 11, 2018.

(No link available – sorry)


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Interview: Buddha at the Gas Pump

if you’d like to check out my interview with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump, follow this link: interview

it can also be found on YouTube, and as a podcast.




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Paul Selig channeled books

Whether you’re looking for some words of wisdom to help with perspective on life, looking for insight into the nature of consciousness and awareness, or interested in an applicable course of learning that will lead to a place of inner peace, Paul Selig’s channeled books are a good choice.
Paul’s people’s teachings are reminiscent of Seth’s wisdom teachings, yet with exercises and resonant timings intended to help move each person forward in the understanding of who and what they are. Used with attention, read at a pace that allows for contemplation and absorption, these books are profound wisdom teachings.

Paul’s newest book, The Book of Truth, is available from your local bookstore.

Paul also does workshops, and livestream sessions:

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Interview: j-jane project

Follow the link below to read an interview I did recently for the j-jane project:

J-jane interview 


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Transformation Conference

I recently spoke at the Transformation Conference in Springdale, Arkansas. This conference is hosted annually by Ozark Mountain Publishing, showcasing their authors. It was a wonderful group of people. Thank you Dolores, Julia and everyone at Ozark.




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