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Field of Time

The subject of time keeps popping up in my life lately. A friend is trying to deprogram his assumptions about it. A reader of my book asked for clarification concerning something i said about it. Another friend made a crazy joke about it. And I’ve been thinking about how we in the western world assume that everyone perceives time the way we do, yet sometimes I simply don’t – and I’m sure that there are cultures that perceive time differently than we do.

We’ve been conditioned to perceive time as a stream, moving in one direction, and assume it’s measurable in increments because we do that.

When I’m “outside time,” I have never perceived time as a flow nor as consisting of measurable increments. I think the best description that I can find for my perception is that time is a field.

As a field, all that enters or participates in the field can be perceived any way one chooses. Everything can be perceived at once, instantaneously, or one can focus in different ways in order to perceive whatever is participating in the field in some other fashion … For instance, in a linear sequence (with an organization of one’s choosing). One can also skip around at will, picking one bit here, one bit there. One can also step out of it.

WhenI shift my focus within the field, it shifts everything in the field to some degree. There is resonance. Observing is participation, as much as is deliberate action.

(I’m using the word “field” in the way physics would, I think: gravity is a field, for instance.)

Thinking of time in this way may be another useful exercise in shifting perception, expanding the potential of what and how we perceive reality.


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Quieting the Mind

“You don’t have to do anything with your mind, just allow it to rest in its essential nature.” – Niguma

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all the voices in our heads, the monkey chatter … things to do, things not to do, things we “should” do. Finding a space of peace, understanding the nature of reality, expanding our consciousness, … correcting our thinking, solving problems …

Sometimes there’s value to be found in pressing comfort boundaries by putting effort toward thinking differently. Sometimes there’s value in thinking critically about ourselves or situations in our lives. When that becomes a burden, though, I find that it’s value disappears.

When the monkey mind chatter becomes shrill, I give myself permission not to care about the things it insists are problems. I watch those problems appear in my mind, put them in an imaginary rose out in front of me, and send them back out to the energy pool to dissipate. If even that becomes a habit of attention, I focus my attention on imagining my body and mind as light, as energy, just watching myself as I would a burning candle. From there it’s possible to rest in a spacious quiet. Often that’s when answers come drifting in. The impossible becomes possible.

Some things have no solution. When the mind quits looking for one, maybe that is the hard-sought resolution. No action.


Afterword: sometimes it cracks me up that I write things like this because then within hours I find myself in a position of needing to use the knowledge in some rather challenging way – lol. Bring it on! Yeeha!


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