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Gifted Astrologer: Heather Ensworth

Many people have asked me if I know of a good astrologer …

If you’re looking for a gifted astrologer, I recommend Heather Ensworth of Rising Moon Healing Center. A reading with Heather is an affirming, fascinating and profound experience.



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Monroe Institute Gateway Program in Chicago

A Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage program is being offered in Chicago by two of my favorite facilitators, Marinda and Bob. More information and registration info available here.


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Activities for Psi Exploration

This was a Page here on the website and as I take a little time to clean up the website a bit today, I thought it would serve better as a Post … it was written quite awhile ago. Enjoy …

These are activities that I’ve done with friends and in metaphysical exploration groups. I’ve even done some of them at parties for entertainment. The results are sometimes surprising and unexpected!

1. Blind Readings: Everyone writes down a question on a sheet of paper. Fold that piece of paper up and set it aside. Now each person pick a card from a Tarot deck, or each person take a separateTarot deck, shuffle and choose a card if you have enough Tarot decks. Using that card, write your intuitive impressions, using the card as the starting point – yes, you’re answering a question without knowing the question. When everyone is finished, fold those pieces of paper and put all the readings in a hat. Pass the hat around, each person drawing one reading from it. Apply that reading to your own question that you wrote down at the beginning of the exercies. Does that reading apply to your question? How specifically does it apply? You may find that some are surprisingly detailed and specific.

2. Remote Viewing: Give everyone a sheet of paper and pencil or pen. Big sheets of paper work well for this exercise (newsprint for instance). Go to the website http://www.rvtargets.com/account/login.php. One person should have registered at this site prior to the gathering so you can access the Remote Viewing targets available at this site. Acquire up to three targets, which will be in the form of numbers in series. Everyone should now close their eyes for a moment and quiet the mind and the room. One person then reads off the target numbers. Now each person should write and draw any impressions that come to mind. They may see or sense shapes, patterns, pictures, sounds – any information that is received about the target should be sketched or written down. Don’t worry about how good or bad the drawings are – they are just references for yourself so you’ll remember what information you’ve received. Be sure and put down anything that you get, because if it isn’t written or drawn, it doesn’t count! Ten minutes is a good amount of time to give everyone to get their impressions recorded. Then revisit the website and open the photograph, revealing the target. Compare them with different people’s recorded impressions. (There are actually strict protocols for Remote viewing, which can be found on various websites. This exercise is just an introduction to the concept of Remote Viewing.)

3. Dowsing: Each person can make their own dowsing rods by cutting two wire coat hangers near the hook. Cut and bend the wire until you have two L-shaped wires, one leg of the L being about 5 inches long, one leg being about 10-12 inches long. The short end of each rod will be held loosely in each hand out in front of your body, your elbows held at a 45 degree angle. Hold the rods loosely so that they can swing freely. Now decide what you want to dowse for: water pipes, ley lines, angels or other non-physical beings, or anything at all. Each person should close their eyes for a moment and silently state the intention to find X. Start walking, or moving slowly across the landscape or room and see what happens.

4. Pendulum: Using a pendulum is similar to dowsing, but it’s easier to use in certain instances. A pendulum can be used over a body (looking for disease or pain or energy blocks for instance), or over a map (looking for archeology sites, water sources, gold or anything). A pendulum can be made from any string attached to any small object that has some weight. A crystal works, but so does a bolt or screw, a pen, or a rock. Something with a point does seem to work best, but really many things can be used effectively. When you’ve got your pendulums, have everyone hold theirs in their hand, close their eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Ask them to silently talk to their pendulum, telling it their intention of using it for dowsing, and ask for its assistance with that intention. Open your eyes, and hold the string about 6-12 inches above the weighted end and hold it above whatever you have chosen to “read.” Silently state your intention – what you are asking or allowing yourself to look for. You might slowly move it around over the body, map, photograph or whatever you’re reading. Pay attention to the way it swings (back and forth, clockwise circles, counterclockwise circles, or perhaps it’s still). Normally clockwise is considered to be a “yes” or positive, and counterclockwise is considered to be a “no” or negative. Experiment and find out for yourself what the language of the pendulum is for you.

5. Bend Silverware: Everyone gets a piece of silverware – spoon, fork, knife. Hold it in your hand and concentrate your attention on that object, willing it to move and bend. Some say that a raucous and energetic environment is helpful for this exercise, so try shouting, laughing, urging each other and the objects on. If that doesn’t work well, try being silent and focusing your will and intention very intently. Try choosing one person to hold a fork, and let everyone concentrate on pouring attention and energy into and through that person to bend that one fork. Experiment and see what works best for your group.

6. Psychic Readings/Telepathy: Pair off. Decide which person in the pair will start off as the sender, and which will be the receiver. You will trade off after the first round, so it doesn’t matter who starts in which role. The sender now closes their eyes and silently pictures one object, holding that image very clearly in their mind. The sender should choose an object or scene that has a distinctive shape or attribute to make it easier in the first rounds: consider things like an elephant, an orange tree, a shepherd’s staff  – things that have unusual and distinctive shapes. You can choose anything – people, animals, landscapes, machinery – anything at all. The receiver closes her/his eyes, and empties their mind, opening up to what the receiver is sending. You may want to give the receiver some paper and pens to note down their impressions, but they can also simply speak their impressions out loud as they come. The sender shouldn’t say anything or make any expressions to influence the receiver. After the receiver feels they’ve gotten all the information they’re going to get, the sender can tell them what the object was. Talk over the receiver’s impressions, as you may find that some information that was received is symbolic and does apply to the sender’s object although it didn’t seem to at first. Now trade roles and do it again. Try sending emotions, or objects or scenes that carry emotional impact for the sender. Try things that are neutral. Is there a difference in the ease or difficulty of the receiver when emotion is attached to the message being sent?

7. Aura: One person should lead this activity, speaking the instructions to the group. Have everyone close their eyes and relax. Suggest that each person imagine or sense that their body has or creates a field around them. Suggest that they try to locate the outer edge of that field: is it two inches away from their body, or two hundred yards? Have everyone pull or push the edges of their field until it is about one yard from their body all the way around. Ask each person to note how that feels. Everyone can talk and describe what they’re experiencing out loud during the exercise, or you can wait until after to discuss what people experienced. Now ask everyone to stretch their aura up to the sky and down into the ground, making it tall and skinny so at some points it’s just inches from the body – or right up against it. Now bring it back to one yard from the body all the way around. Now move it so it’s right up against the back and extends far out in front. How does that feel? Do people experience emotions or see pictures or hear anything when they do this? Now stretch it way out in back, bringing it right up against the front of the body. What does that feel like? You can make up any movement that you’d like to try … some of the feelings and reactions associated with moving the aura around might be unexpected.

8. Healing Hands #1: Ask everyone to close their eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and relax, quieting the mind. Then ask them to hold their hands out in front of them, palms about one inch from each other. Start to bounce the hands lightly toward and away from each other, never quite touching the hands to each other. Ask them to note whether they feel some resistance, and to stop the movement of the hands toward each other when they feel that resistance. Most will end up with their hands ten to fifteen inches from each other. Now ask people to trace a line from the 4th chakra (center of chest) across the chest and down one arm to the palm, then do the other side. Do the same thing from the 5th chakra (bse of throat), paying attention to what they feel as they slowly trace the lines. Then do the same from the 6th chakra (third eye, forehead between and just above the eyes), then the 7th chakra (top of the head). You might try tracing all those lines on one side of the body first, then sitting and noting whether there’s any difference in how the two sides of the body feel – the side of the body that has had the chakras traced, and the side that hasn’t. Then do the other side. When everyone has finished, pause to talk about what each person felt happening in their body while they did that and after they were finished. Then have everyone close their eyes again and repeat the first part of the exercise, palms facing each other, bouncing gently toward and away from each other, sensing the resistance between the hands. Do people’s hands end up farther away from each other than they did in the first part of the exercise? Closer together? Does the resistance or energy between the hands feel stronger? Lighter? Denser? More active? Talk about what each person has experienced.

9. Healing Hands #2: Follow the instructions for Healing Hands #1, then pair off into partners. Try “bouncing” your hands off the other person’s hands, feeling the resistance and energy between your hands. Do they want to draw together, or is there more resistance? What is the quality of the resistance: dense/light, warm/cool, cooperative/competitive, accepting/wary? If someone has a physical ailment or pain, trade healings using your hands. Let your hands hover just above the area of pain or illness, and close your eyes. Pause to think of something beautiful, or to remember a time when you felt very grateful and generous and loving. Let that emotion fill your mind and body, then let it flow to your hands. Now imagine that generous energy flowing gently into the other person. If you’re uncomfortable letting someone else do this to your body, do the same thing to your own body.

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Guidance: Other or Other Aspect of Self?

I’ve received a question so many times now, I’ll try to answer it here. The question has come in two forms:

“You’ve said that you don’t know whether the information that you receive when you channel comes from another being, or another aspect of yourself. Can you explain that?”

“You’ve said that during a ‘soul retrieval’ you might be retrieving parts of yourself. What do you mean by that?”

yupo painting2First let me say that I, like each of us, am limited in one way or another by my beliefs. Although my beliefs about reality may be much broader than many, I still have some limiting programs running, and those beliefs color how I perceive and understand reality, information I receive, and who/what I interact with in other focus levels or dimensions. This must be taken into account when you read this, because while I may seem to have clear access to information, I really have an access that is as clear as I can make at any given moment.

With that in mind, when I perceive other beings, whether that’s during a reading, when I’m channeling, or when I’m helping disincarnates, I perceive them as separate from myself, as other. A conversation is like a conversation with another person in this physical focus in that it’s back and forth exchange, and what the other person/being ‘says’ is often unexpected, or information that I’d have no way of knowing. I do perceive them most easily as Other.

In my understanding, however, my perception of them as one thing doesn’t mean that’s true. It could be only accurate as far as it goes. My perceiving us as separate doesn’t guarantee that they’re not also aspects of my Self, or that I’m not an aspect of them.

We assume that we are the individual conscious awarenesses of personality that we’ve been taught to understand ourselves to be within the thought systems of our cultures. I am this. It seems possible to me, however, that our definition of individual is just one choice of understanding or perception, and based on perspective. Change the perspective, and the definition of individual might also shift. I am also one part of the consciousness of “Woman,” “American,” “Sudman,” “archeologist,” or “writer.” I may be one one part of the consciousness of “anger,” “amusement,” “healing,” or “pig-headed.” Pig-headedness as a consciousness may think it’s pretty funny that I think that I exist and can function as an individual without the Pig-headedness consciousness, just as we would think it were pretty funny if our left hands all decided they were individual and could function and be individual even if separated from our arms.

That’s one awareness that I bring to Me or Other. I’ve experienced it in two forms, and so it sits. I don’t really understand it intellectually, but I feel it.

Another awareness that I have is that we attract or connect with that which resonates with our “chord” or energy signature. If I focus on a “place” where I connect with people who have passed over, I’m unlikely to be led to or drawn to or find disincarnates who are resonating at a frequency that I’m not holding. Or at a harmonic of that frequency. So far in my experience, whomever I encounter is likely to reflect an aspect of myself. I seem to connect with a lot of soldiers and other war-related disincarnates, and emotionally abused women and children and animals, those with an amusement and bemusement about themselves or their situation, those who are rather indifferent to their fate and are content to sleep or tune out or hold some state of suspension, for instance. In connecting with these people, I also connect with aspects of myself.

Are these people other or are they me? They may be both. That’s difficult to conceptualize because our learned perspective is that something is one thing OR another. I am this individual, Natalie, or I am other. Moving between worlds, I’ve often encountered situations where something is both this AND that, contradictory in our view of reality, yet making perfect sense outside of our perspective.

When I channel information, I perceive other – a being or beings who are giving me information, or actually speaking through my body. When I help disincarnates or interact with disincarnates, I perceive them as being separate and distinct from me. That’s what I’m most comfortable with from the perspective of being Natalie, and that may be what my beliefs support. Yet I try to keep my mind open to the awareness that my perspective is one limited perspective that may be accurate as far as it goes, without being true.

I may be holding the elephant’s tail, unable to perceive the whole elephant of my Self.

Our inclination is to find definitive answers. Our culture and science encourage and value definitive answers, definitions, proof, a big theory of everything. I’ve found that there’s value in sitting within not-knowing. Allowing myself to wonder without demanding or requiring a definitive answer allows me to expand my perception, open up to something I may never have imagined or something that defies my beliefs. Pondering without requiring full understanding or systematized definition can lead to experiences that expand my perception beyond current limits.


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How to Communicate with Your Team (guides… whatever)

A reader of Application of Impossible Things has asked a question that seems like it might interest others. He said to me:

“We all must have a ‘team of personalities’ [how I identified guides, helpers, angels, whatever you want to call them]. Any thoughts on how we may better access or communicate with them here in our physicality?

“The thought that came to me is for one thing, we probably need to quiet down our thoughts before any new information can come in. And then perhaps also ask them to reveal themselves?”

Quieting the mind does matter, because how will you hear anyone else when your mind is chattering away? This isn’t an easy thing to do sometimes.  I have tricks that I use for myself if my mind doesn’t want to shut down. I explain to it what I’m doing as if it were separate from me; I give it a time frame to take care of its anticipation and expectations; then I give it assurance. I tell it that nothing will fall to pieces if the chatter stops for ten or twenty or thirty minutes, and at the end of that half hour we’ll address all those things it’s chattering about.

If you think about it for a few minutes, you can probably come up with your own ways to still your mind, even if just for a few minutes.

Another way to connect with our teams of personalities is to pay attention. Pay attention to what you’re doing in the present. When we do things with attention, we become aware of what’s around us,  what might be repeating in our lives, or “coincidences.” Have you seen some reference to one thing quite often in one day? Does that have a message for you? Pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to words or themes that repeat themselves.

Try automatic writing. At first you’ll probably be self-conscious and think, “This is bullshit!” but keep at it, writing a stream of consciousness. After awhile you may find that a new kind of thought is entering your mind when you do this. You may find yourself answering your own questions, or receiving whole concepts as if they’re instantly implanted in your mind.

A few friends of mine do intense dream analysis. This may appeal to some people. At one point in the past I was interested in remembering my dreams. I set an alarm to wake myself three times each night, and when I woke I’d write down what I remembered of my dreams. Soon I didn’t need the alarm; I just woke after each dream. I’d jot down a couple of words, telling myself that these words would trigger full memory, then I’d go back to sleep. Dream interpreters have developed a very elaborate language of symbols that may assist you in building a language of communication with your team of personalities; or you may develop your own language of symbols. You may find yourself having direct communication with your team in dreams.

Meditation works for many, whether guided or free-flowing. Ask to communicate with your team. If you don’t get an answer right away, keep trying.  I’ve found that sometimes when I ask for an answer and think I’m not getting one, I’m looking in the wrong place. If I’m focused on squinting down the road at the building on the horizon, expecting my answer to be there, I’m not even going to hear someone calling out to me from behind. If I’m expecting to hear or see something, I might miss the fact that I’m feeling something quite intensely or clearly. Someone once said to me, “Meditation doesn’t work for me. I don’t see anything – it’s just black.” I asked if the black had a quality: was it velvety? Scary? Warm? Nervous? The black is something – what is it? The next thing I asked was whether this person had asked for visual communication, or had tried simply turned on the light – it’s okay to turn on the light with your imagination. Imagination is creation … it’s real. Something to think about…

Some people have found powerful direct communication with their team during workshops. Shamanism, Monroe Institute Hemi-sync exercises, guided visualization, yoga, Zen meditation …

I think that everyone has or develops their own ways of communicating with their team of personalities, guides, helpers, advisers, aspects of their Whole Self. These are just a few examples of what you might try if you’re interested in opening up a more conscious communication with them. If one doesn’t work, try a different one. If none of them work, be imaginative and come up with your own. Do you like to find little things on the ground when you walk? Ask them to communicate through the objects that you find. Do you like to read? Ask them a question, close your eyes and open a book to a random page, stick your finger down on the page then open your eyes to read the passage.

Choose or make up things that sound like fun, and have fun doing them. We tend to be very goal oriented, business-like in our adulthood. But think of how little children learn. When they want to do something, they jump right in and try it. If they don’t succeed, they try it again, or try it a different way. There’s no “failure,” it is what it is. One thing works, another doesn’t, the thing that didn’t work is left behind.

Find ways to laugh at and with yourself as you explore. I’m pretty sure your team is laughing, so you might as well join in the fun. It’s also a good way to connect with your team: humor. The sacred is also profane and nutty. Don’t go whispering to them in a church-voice if you don’t feel like it. Shout at them. Assume they can hear you and tell them a joke. Talk to them as you go about the business of the day.

I think that our teams want clearer communication with us, too, so it’s not going to be a one-way street. If everyone is trying, sooner or later you’ll hear each other.


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Application of Impossible Things principles …

Check out this little video series on YouTube (six ten-minute videos) for same principles discussed in my book …




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Psychic Protection

This is a post inspired by a comment from a reader  – cheers, AgentSully.

[Insert usual explanation of my channeling here – or go look at the post entitled Suicide to read the explanation … ]


Me: Talk a bit about psychic protection, please.

Them: Psychic protection can be necessary we would say, or at least desirable for some. It may be understood as protection from the poorly formed ideas within your own mind, the misconceptions and misunderstandings within the mind, or as protection from particular beings who are separate from you or the thought forms that originate from beings less scrupulous than they might be with their creations. Either would be true.

We will first speak from within the viewpoint of the physical realms, from within the illusions or energy systems set up for this realm. They are real, remember, from within the realm.

Being within the physical planes of existence, know that there are certainly those who do not necessarily act with the awareness of their participation within the All. This is not to say that what they experience is outside of the All, only that they are unaware on some key level, and within their own free-will-creations they may be wagging the dog, you will say. Meaning that their free will actions are allowed free rein by the whole self, the whole self (the dog) then following along after the wagging tail, perhaps only stepping in if things get too far out of hand, for instance.

The individual is given free rein to some extent, and so may be shaping themselves or others into beings that one would not necessarily care to interact with.  You will recognize this. We speak from one particular viewpoint, within or not far from the physical, you understand. Please acknowledge.

Yes, I understand.

This assumes willful or inadvertent blindness to one’s true nature. It does not presuppose that some of these beings are inept with energy, consciously or unconsciously. On a very basic level, you have encountered people who seem quite kind and friendly, yet when you leave their presence you feel completely drained and must go lie down and somehow recover and recharge your energy. They are in fact feeding off of your energy, consciously or unconsciously, believing that they are not adequate unto themselves, having lost the memory or skill to connect with the All, the Sea of Awareness, to refresh and charge their own energy. They are yet skillful enough to gather the energy of others, believing that is the only place they can get it.

Another example would be those who do this without being within one’s physical presence. We speak of the friend on the other side of the state, the mother on the other side of the continent. Unconsciously or consciously, they may draw upon your energy and insinuate their own presence into your energy space. They may be physical personalities who do this unconsciously or consciously, or they may be beings that exist within the physical but are not always manifest as visible, shall we say. These are not fictions, they are real within the viewpoint of the physical realms. We would like to stress this without entering into that discussion.

In the case of leaving one’s body to explore the universe or other realities, other vibrational planes or places, dimensions, we will also say that it is possible here to encounter those beings that do not have respect for another. They will, if possible, cling to you or appear to interfere with your energy and comfort. It is valid to put up some protection from these beings if one chooses not to explore one’s own power over self in the presence of them, or to explore the nature of these beings.

We will leave that as is, for more will be said in a moment about this.

From the view of the All of All, from within your awareness expanded to its fullest, we would remind you that nothing comes into your experience that you do not invite or allow as a whole self. In this viewpoint, if you have encountered those who you feel you need protection from, what is it in yourself that has attracted or allowed this reality to enter your own? It may not be that you yourself harbor some mirror of this being, we would point out. It may be that what attracts them is a kindness or a curiosity. What attracts them may be a whiff of fear. This is not meant to alarm, frighten, or appear as an accusation, that something in the self allows the experience – it is presented here as a hint on the road toward understanding.

As an example, at one point Robert Monroe recounts that upon leaving his body he found two small beings clinging to him. (I don’t recall which of his books this story is in.)Monroe was disgusted and frightened by these beings piggy-backing on him. He fought to get them off of himself and could not. He begged for assistance. A man came, plucked the beings from him, smiled and left. Monroe was not amused.

Many years later he was given to revisit this incident from another viewpoint. Monroe found that he himself was, in fact, the man who came to help his struggling younger self. To avoid confusion, let us refer to him now as Young Bob (struggling with clinging things) and Old Bob (returned to help himself struggling with clinging things). The two small beings that frightened Young Bob so much, those that he tried desperately to remove, were seen from the viewpoint of Old Bob to be his own two small children’s spirits. As Old Bob, the beings did not appear malevolent or frightening at all, because he could see them clearly, without his own fear and surprise standing in the way.

It is unlikely that were one to encounter frightening beings, or beings who drew from one’s energy, that one would be able to effortlessly move oneself into a new mindset or viewpoint from which to assure oneself of what was really happening. We want to apply ourselves to explaining this in order to avoid misunderstanding, for we see that it would be quite easy for the human to imagine that because this viewpoint is smaller (Young Bob), it is wrong, or foolish, or something to be corrected. This is not necessarily so.

At any point in time you will know what you know, no more, because that is the beauty and comedy of the human realm. Remove all judgment and competition from the two viewpoints, and you will find the beauty in each. One is not wiser, only broader. One is not more valuable than the other, for they are both necessary to each other. The situation is not a test, it is only an experience. It has no potential for wrong action from either viewpoint, only the possibility of an expansion of understanding.

We would say this: do not attempt through force to convince yourself of the benevolence of something that is frightening, disturbing or otherwise unpleasant just because it might be something good if only you could see its goodness. Certainly reflect, consider, open yourself to the possibility of goodness, but we would also say that being within that which you feel honestly, that viewpoint where you are right now, is important and valuable. Monroe’s Young Bob experience had value.

You are within the human experience for valuable reasons – reasons valuable to you. So be within the moment – trust that moment. If you deny the moment you are in, will you not miss an opportunity? If you feel fear, feel it. If you feel disgust or revulsion, feel it. That is what you are here for, to go through the moment.

This is not to encourage you to lose track of the awareness that you are experiencing from this limited perspective. You are not a being wholly of emotion, for emotion is the result of perspective. Certainly train your perspective, open it back up out of the culture’s misconceptions when possible. We simply encourage you here not to deny emotion as it moves through you. Allow it to move while you also maintain what we will call intelligent emotion – the awareness of the whole self, the value of spirit-informed reason. The energies of an emotion can flow through the body and mind without them being acted out without control, upon oneself or another, is this not so? The expression of emotion is a choice. Your reason has its place in this equation.

We do not wish to get sidetracked (too late!) … what we wish to say is only that denying yourself the truth of yourself is a denial of yourself. In order to move forward, one must first be wholly aware exactly where one is.

Protection is not denial. It is only protection. In fact, when you feel and know that you are safe and protected, is there not freedom within that to resolve the form that you are faced with? This brings us back to the first paragraph, does it not?

If you feel that you need protection, set protection, for the intention of it will in fact protect you as you learn, as you explore, until you realize or understand or feel that you no longer need such protection.

That is all we have to say on this subject at present.



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Review of Application of Impossible Things

Jim Szpajcher Book Review: Application of Impossible Things by Natalie Sudman

I read this slim volume, which on the surface of the text was an account of her experiences while in an expanded state of consciousness as a result of being in an IED blast in Iraq. She packs a lot of data into her few pages, and offers a lot of food for thought about the way that humans, as spiritual beings, interact on many levels of consciousness. I would rank this little book on the same shelf as Bob Monroe’s “Journeys Out Of The Body” in terms of exploratory scope. If she were to continue on with her work, I would not be surprised to see her model/ construct become better defined, in much the same way as Monroe did in “Far Journeys” and “Ultimate Journey”. As a study in altered states, Sudman offers a contrasting study which compares (favorably, to my mind) with Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. Sudman’s book is not light reading, but it is definitely worth the effort.


(Thanks Jim!)

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The Future / The Shift: what up?

I’ve been asked about The Future (dum-da-dum) by so many people who have read my book, I’ve decided to answer the question here.

Specifically, various people have asked what I see surrounding the 2012 shift. What is it – or is it? What will the effects and outcome be? What do I see happening in the next year or two?

First I’ll say that I did not see anything regarding this while I was out of body. At least, I didn’t see it in a way that would make it recognizable as The Shift that people talk about, so I’m not going to discuss it from that level. It wouldn’t make any sense as an answer to people’s questions.

My understanding of what people are calling The Shift does, though, come from a non-physical perspective. When this subject comes up, I find myself focused beyond time/space, watching enormous energy flows making some interesting new junctions and relationships. These energies might be understood as matrices that shape experience not just in the physical dimensions, but in many (all?) dimensions. They aren’t really matrices, that’s simply a model that I use to describe them. They have a certain unique consciousness, but I won’t complicate things with that right now.

Human consciousness is affected by these massive flows of energy shifting – how could it not be? We don’t exist in a vacuum, or separate from the non-physical. The physical and non-physical are only differentiated in our human minds. They are one.

Understand that consciousness (physical and non-physical) is always shifting, always making a huge evolutionary leap of some kind. This particular shift appears unusual to me in the potential of its effects to be deeper and broader than that of many shifts and leaps. Not just related to humans, but to everything that exists.

I don’t see this shift as solely an earth shift, then, and don’t even see it as necessarily originating on the earth physical plane. It appears as a symphony of intention and attention, originating throughout the physical and non-physical, or from within all that exists – physical and non-physical, or from between all that exists. It’s a co-creation. Not everyone/thing in all of existence is participating, but many are contributing their attention. Think of it like an inter-dimensional bowl game: it dominates the landscape and causes many changes in schedules and intentions, but not everyone gives a shit.

Does 2012 have anything to do with it? My first instinct is to say, Who cares? My next is to say, Are you reading it or creating it? In other words, are you intuiting a future, or creating that significance by the power of thought? Of course 2012 has something to do with it, and of course it does not. The shift has been going on for some time now, and it will continue until it has turned. If you look for a crux in 2012 you’ll be able to identify one, just as you can find a reason to be disgruntled today if you start the day with a chip on your shoulder. Preconceived ideas, beliefs, shape our perceptions. The non-physical has no need of calendars, and the non-physical personalities that I know are not really interested in ours.

And (not but!)… Calendars count time, and physical world time is linked in interesting ways to the non-physical. Numbers are, in one sense, pure abstraction; in their pure abstraction, they are beautiful translations of abstract energies and movements. You could say that 2012 carries a vibration that affects, and translates, and supports, and is supported by the shifts of enormous energies.

One’s perspective has everything to do with what 2012 has to do with anything. From the pure whole of All That Is, 2012 is meaningless. From the pure awareness of All That Is, 2012 is meaningful.

This shift has been gathering momentum for a very long time. It could easily be said to have been gathering momentum since the beginning of time. Just as many changes are not noticeable until a certain amount of power (energy) has gathered, the ongoing shifts are more noticeable now for the accumulation of directed energies.

Shifts such as this one have occurred before, and will again.

Seeing what I do doesn’t give me any specific sense of what outcome will manifest. When I look at it, I see many potential outcomes, some of which show no obvious effect at all (‘obvious’ being the key word). Tipping points can be dramatic, or flow so smoothly that you hardly realize you’ve crested the peak and are well past the crux. There are infinite potential outcomes available. From what I’ve seen, the collective consciousness of humanity – the group ‘we’ – hasn’t chosen which creative potential it will follow.

We have free will. How the shift will manifest in our lives is our choice. We are participants in creating it, so how would you like it to look? Which potential or possible future would you like to follow? Thought creates reality.

Having already experienced living in a war zone and being blown up, I have little interest in trauma and drama. Personally, I’m imagining beautiful and interesting things.


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The Heart & Heart Chakra, Part 2

We now speak of the mind in the heart. Is this an optimal residence for the mind? Of course it is, and of course it is not. The mind, or awareness, will not be confined to the heart, nor is it necessarily wise to move entirely from the point of view of the heart at all times. Would you choose to move through life with the mind primarily residing in the shoulder blade or the knee? This sounds nonsensical, but we assure you that seating the mind in the heart, at all times or primarily, is equally pointless. The heart is no more the natural seat of the mind than it is the natural seat of love. Or the heart is no more the natural seat of the mind or of love than is the big toe or one hair on your head. It is no LESS love than any of those other points, either. They are all one, all equally aware and connected, of and creating and crated by the All That Is, which is Love.

That said, there are different perspectives of awareness that may be gained by moving the mind around from one point to another, be that within the body or outside of it. This you know, for you do it constantly, shifting from here to there, in and out, around and through. The heart has its perspective; neglecting its awareness would be a pity, but moving from it at all times would cause one to be missing other perspectives. There is a possibility of becoming imbalanced.

Some that profess to be wise in the ways of energy have said that if you are always in your head, you will become out of balance, and urge people to move from the heart. Well, a place for the heart is necessary. Yet we would say that if one is always in the heart, is it not obvious that it too will create a certain imbalance?

We would suggest that one move around, to and through many points, aware of that movement, becoming acquainted with their expressions within one’s own body and existence in the physical. We would suggest that one try this and choose it or not for themselves. As one comes to know (be well acquainted with) the perspectives, one may also begin to become adept at utilizing the heart at this time, the knee at that time, the head at another, the hand in that situation, appropriately and to one’s benefit (and therefore the benefit of all – and All.)

If, once acquainted with many, one person is then most comfortable moving primarily from the heart, that is well. It may be that “moving from the heart” serves that which this person chooses to explore and expand in this incarnation. If, however, this person then believes that this is the way and the truth for all, they are mistaken, for each finds his/her own path and they will not be the same paths as each other.


(To Be Continued …)

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