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Dr. Bell NDE: Self Healing in This World

This is an interesting account of a man’s NDE and his subsequent conscious healing of his body:
Dr Bell’s story

If you don’t want to read all the how-I-was-injured etc, skip down to the “My Subconscious Clinic” heading and read down from there. Some useful, applicable information that anyone can use.

(Thanks for sending me this link, Anne.)

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Look What I Made

I’m thinking about ways that we create experiences in our lives and then fear or misinterpret what we’ve created.

A few years ago a friend of mine was saying over and over that he wanted a year off work. As the office went through changes and became unbearable, he talked about quitting before he got laid off … no, he’d let them lay him off so he’d get severance pay and unemployment.

He was laid off, a week or two before he had expected it, and it was done in what he considered to be a scene lacking in respect and integrity. He felt angry, hurt and humiliated …

It took him just over a year to find another job in his field. During that time, he wasn’t able to fully relax and enjoy his time off. He was worried all the time, scared that he wouldn’t find another job and would lose his house, et cetera.

This man’s perspective – that he was not in control of what happened to him – made him feel worried and scared.

With a different perspective, he might have felt excited, amazed and empowered by seeing that what he had talked about and imagined had in fact worked – it had manifested. Perhaps not in every detail, but the big goals were all met.

He had created time off with severance pay and unemployment … if he had noticed that and thought about its implications, perhaps that time off would have been perceived as a miracle, a validation, a chance to really relax and have fun, and an opportunity do a leisurely creation of the new job about one year later.

I’ve done the same sort of thinking many times, missing my own power within a situation that I’ve created. I suspect that we’ve all done it, since we’re within a culture or cultures that maintain a mistaken concept of who we are, what we’re capable of, and what reality is. Constant exposure to this thinking Is like a slow, relentless pollutant.

Sometimes I like to look back on my past and re-shape my perceptions of events in light of what I know now. It’s an exercise that has the power to change the past and present. A shift in perspective changes emotions, releasing old fear … which can free me from that internal nagging as well as solidifying the new perspective in this present moment – practicing in this way helps my busy little conscious mind understand that this perspective is in fact true and real.

I think that when we begin to re-imagine our experiences in a new perspective that acknowledges our own responsibility and validates our own humble power, everything within us has a chance of shifting toward curiosity, amazement, amusement, and even joy.


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AfterlifeTV Interview #2

The Part 2 interview with Bob Olson of http://www.afterlifetv.com has been posted. Hope you enjoy it!




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Application of Impossible Things principles …

Check out this little video series on YouTube (six ten-minute videos) for same principles discussed in my book …




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The Heart & Heart Chakra: Part 1

What follows is a conversation about this subject that I had with my gang of friends who currently occupy the non-physical levels … (who might just be me, or aspects of me, who knows. I’m just not sure yet.)

My request: Talk to me about the heart, and the heart chakra.

We know where you would prefer start, but let us begin in another position and work our way to it. We would like first for you to see from one perspective, then another, with the implication that there are yet other viewpoints, and all of them complete and valid.

The heart, as a physical (ahem*) entity, could be viewed as a manifestation of the Whole Heart. In other words, all are one heart, and that one is a consciousness in and of itself, as well as being many (all) hearts. This is not quite Truth but is accurate. Neither is it quite the understanding of those who speak of “one heart” but they are close enough to work with this.

From this perspective, it matters not whether you “open your heart” for that is a nonsensical instruction. Your heart cannot be anything other than what it essentially is, which is an individual heart, and also a participant in the One Heart, which is of All That Is. The heart is always “open,” for it can be nothing but by its nature. What people mean by this is not to open the heart, but to open the conscious mind to the awareness of the heart.

And so, through “awareness ” … we meet the mind. The current cultural picture, whether individuals realize it or not, is that the mind resides naturally (sits most naturally, works most naturally) in or through the brain, or in the head. This is an erroneous assumption. As you know from experience, the mind can be anywhere – anywhere within the body, anywhere within the world, anywhere outside of the world, for it is Whole, it is consciousness, limitless. It is at home anywhere, for it is everywhere.

(to be continued …)


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Interview with AfterlifeTV

Check out this interview with afterlifetv.com – thanks Bob Olson!



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Channeling: Astrology

Tonight I asked the gang to tell me something about astrology. I was not specific in my question because I hoped for some information that I might not have thought to ask about. Here is what I received:

What would you know? You understand how the layers of reality intertwine, how the perspectives can give views that appear to be contradictory. Does astrology work? Of course it does. Is it what it is currently understood to be? Of course it is not, in a sense. In another sense, of course it is. We will say that the general understanding of the uses of astrology is accurate. We would not say that the comprehension of astrology is true, but it is accurate. It is incomplete, yet functional even in the incomplete understanding.

As we have stated, the stars are, in a manner of speaking, indicators. It could be said that they do not create, but indicate. They do not control, but open specific possibilities by their positions. Yet that would also be from a specific perspective.

We will now look at if from another angle. Let us say that all is one, as you have known. In this case, there is not space between physical and non-physical. The spaces between “physical reality” are non-physical, if you prefer. The physical and non-physical occupy the same “space.” You do not “go” anywhere when you “move out” of the physical (in the perspective that we speak of), rather you simply shift focus so that you are able to perceive throughout, or to perceive one particular reality that is not physical reality. We remind you of this before moving on with the subject of astrology …

So with this base, let us return to the familiarity of the stars. They are physical beings, sentient and conscious beings; they are also energy, or perhaps no more than energy. They exist within the solar system, a physical system that works according to certain rules that are agreed upon (that may be broken with effort – let us not get sidetracked though. You have written something of the “rules” in your book Application of Impossible Things). As non-physical beings, the stars and planets move in harmony with energies beyond the physical, responding and tracking and creating the shifts and changes of large energy flows. The stars and planets, in this perspective, are both creating the physical and non-physical flows, and being created by them.

We remind you: just as you do not exist alone only as a physical Natalie, so these stars do not exist only as physical stars. The non-physical must be taken into account, for in this sense the stars and planets are not only indicators that may be read by humans, they are also participants and creators.

Let us say that a particular alignment of planets occurs. This alignment could be seen simply a result of the “natural” movement within the “rules” of the physical universe in which these star souls operate. This would be accurate but incomplete.

The movement is, for the purpose of this example, also a reflection of non-physical systems that are balanced and in motion in their specific ways for specific reasons. (Reasons that are not necessarily important, for going into this would sidetrack us into equally interesting subjects.)

The stars then are doing their “predictable” routes in creating various alignments with each other on both physical and non-physical levels. Naturally, as you would say – it is their nature. They also affect the reality that they exist within because of their movement – as do all things that exist within the physical environment.  They also, as reflections of the non-physical, indicate certain things by their positions, even while they participate in creating it.

They are a language to be read. You could just as well read a stone, or the movement of water, but it was chosen to read stars.

The planets indicate what the broad flows of non-physical energy are doing or supporting or exploring. The stars or planets also, being essentially non-physical themselves, help to create those flows, and move in conscious and voluntary harmonic with the flows. In this sense, they are the flows, create the flows, respond to the flows, indicate the flows, and are created by the flows.

We state the same idea in more than one way in this explanation. This is for a reason, for reading this idea in more than one way has loosened more than one misunderstanding in the complexity that is your mind, your beliefs, the structure of your understanding.

(laughter) We realize this will not necessarily clear up any questions for the reader. We do not do this to confuse, but to attempt to expand the basic understanding of the relationships between physical and non-physical, and to deepen or broaden the concepts that underwrite the way you understand the world in which you participate.

Paradox does not sit easily on the human mind, and stretching is often confusing. Please simply consider what we have said, let it sit in your mind without trying to untangle it, and you will slowly understand it intuitively. For all that we say of the astrology, the stars, applies to the human being.

Thank you. 


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Application of Impossible Things now available!

app of imp things coverFind it at http://www.amazon.com




the Book Depository


Red Wheel Weiser


among other outlets – ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

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New Math

I grew up in the Presbyterian church, in a family of engineers. Here’s what some of the prevailing assumptions were:

  • There’s only one way to do things: the Right Way.
  • The Right Way is hard work.
  • You get what you earn.
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Life is hard.
  • Life is not fair.

* EEK! *

Here’s a little word equation that Presbyterians and engineers don’t tell you:

Having fun is easy & having money is fun = having money is easy

(See why I’m no longer Presbyterian or living with engineers? haha)


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Recommended Reading

When I first began specifically searching out books on the expanded awareness, paranormal, psi, and related subjects, I was turned off. The shelves are stuffed with Do-It-Yourself 10 step, 3 step, truth and magic moments. I had no way of discerning what was good. what was fluff, or what was flat-out junk.

If you have the same problem, check out my recommended reading list – it’s a Page on this website, located on the sidebar to the right.

Here’s my current criteria in choosing a book:

– If a person I trust and respect recommends it, I’ll try it.

– If a person that I know, trust, and respect wrote it, I’ll try it.

– If there’s a PhD or MD after the name of the author, I’ll investigate it further.

– If I find an author that I like, I read other books by that author.

– If it has “step/s” in the title, forget it.

– If it falls off the shelf at my feet or the book glows when I look at it, buy it.

I’m attracted or repulsed by book covers, for better or worse. As an artist, I’m insulted by most of them. I’ve had to get beyond that, as most psi-related books have, in my opinion, stupid, ugly, or downright embarrassing covers. (I’m trying to prepare myself for the cover of my own book to be published next year – I’ll undoubtedly consider it atrocious.)  What I’m saying is that if you’re like me, you might want to work on this issue – or get a Kindle or something.

Happy exploring …



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