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Wendy Garrett interviewed me for Empower Radio today – will be posted soon at www.empoweradio.com

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  1. Natalie, have you read the book by Anita Moorjani or the one by Dr Eben Alexander? Do you read books by others who have had extensive NDEs? If so, what do you think of them, especially in light of your own NDE?

    1. I haven’t read either book. I started Moorjani’s, and found myself paging ahead, skipping whole chapters until I gave it up. I don’t like filling my head with all the illness energy – doesn’t interest me. Personal preference. I know Eban Alexander a little bit and have heard his story many times.

      I’ve read short accounts of others’ nde’s online, but reading books isn’t very interesting to me. The few I’ve tried are more about the personal experiences surrounding the NDE, like Moorjani’s, and the NDE descriptions don’t give me new information or thought provoking insight or something.

      Again, personal preference. A lot of people like or even prefer to read the drama surrounding the NDE – maybe I’ve had enough of my own drama that I’m done with that. I’m more interested in the universally applicable portions of an experience than I am in the personal detail … More interested in a potential shift in ways of thinking about life and reality that has potential to change perspectives, and so perhaps allow people to change their own lives for the better in some small way.

  2. I’ve read Anita’s. I will agree the first half was kind of pedestrian, but her almost instant recovery from stage 4b cancer was truly miraculous. I think the “message” she brought back was pretty good too, a lot of similarity with what you say. My boss loved it. I have not read Dr Alexander’s but probably will eventually. I’m reading Jeff Foster’s “Radical Acceptance” (excellent book) and some books about Ramana Maharshi right now. I like reading books about credible NDE’s, they just sort of make me feel better about life as a whole. i don’t believe everything hook, line and sinker, but any book that makes me think, question and reflect is good by me.

    I’m also in training for a 1/2 marathon in April and a full marathon in October. So between the kids, housework, training and reading/meditation, life is pretty full.

    1. I’ll put “Radical Acceptance” on my to-read list. I always have about forty more books than I have time for … And I don’t have kids or marathons! you have lots of interesting things going on.

      Agree in liking what makes me think. Maybe I ought to have skipped right to the second half of Moorjani’s book, I don’t know. Maybe my own experience just makes the nde books a little less interesting for some reason. I like reading about scientific studies of metaphysical phenomena (Dr Gary Schwartz lately), and also lately books about kids who appear to recall past lives. I guess other subjects interest me more lately – a phase. I also read a lot of entertaining mysteries, cutting into my serious reading time… 🙂 Sometimes just want to kick back and relax.

      Good luck in the half marathon, Dave!

  3. Yeah, I don’t think you would “get” much out of Anita’s book since you have already experienced it. I also like books like Dr. Schwartz’. Ones that challenge as well as entertain. I also know what you mean by having a backlog of books.One only has so much time. You may or may not like Jeff Foster. He has a bunch of videos on youtube so you can get a general flavor there. VERY down to earth. If you type in “Jeff Foster laughing” on youtube I think that is his best, you’ll see why.

    1. Oh yeah ha! “When All That’s Left is Laughter: The Last Satsang” … I’m still giggling. He’s definitely on my reading list now. Thanks Dave.

  4. Thanks for the interview and link, Natalie. I always come away with a gem of some sort after listening to you speak.

    On the NDE books, I read both the Moorjani and Alexander books and would recommend that you skip them. They are mainly focused on their personal experiences.

    Eban Alexander is supposed to be coming out with a new book that focuses more on consciousness and the implications of his NDE, so I am hoping that will be geared more toward my interests.I heard him say in an interview that the first book was foundational and that his future books would and interests will focus more on expanding levels of consciousness and bringing science and spirituality together.

    Jeff Foster rocks, so yes, check him out when you get time.

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