Radio Interview

I did a radio interview with Dolores Cannon’s Metaphysical Hour show tonight … Will try to get the direct link to the interview today.

NOTE I can’t see how to listen to this either, sorry – I think the archive is the only way, and one has to pay for that. Sorry I didn’t post earlier – there was a communication glitch so I had thought the interview wasn’t happening.

In the meantime, if you’re good at navigating this sort of website on your own click here

8 thoughts on “Radio Interview

    1. As far as I can figure out this morning, there’s no way to listen to the show except live at the time of broadcast, or pay for access to the archives. Seems odd to me – if anyone figures out otherwise, let me know.

      Sorry I didn’t post earlier. There was a communication confusion so I didn’t know we were doing the interview until the last minute.

  1. Natalie, how does one subscribe to your blog to receive in their email rather than by RSS? I don’t see any subscription box and would love to follow, but don’t like the RSS feeds.

      1. Thanks Natalie, but I think when I clicked on the check box below the comment area on the “Notify me of new posts via email” that subscribed me! Because I just received an email that says I am a subscriber now. I thought by checking the box, I would only get new posts to this particular blog post, but guess it’s the whole enchilada!
        Just finished listening to the third broadcast with Bob Olsen and you on AfterlifeTV on Youtube, great stuff!

        1. okay, good, because i’m baffled by this stuff and dislike trying to figure it out!
          glad you enjoyed the afterlifetv interviews! thanks Cathryn

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