DO NOT BOOK through the Appointments page until I send you a link and ask you to book.

I’m effectively booked up to about Aug/Sept 2024. I’m trying to speed this up, and cancellations occur, but I can’t promise anything before then.

Please email me to get on the waiting list ( DO NOT BOOK through the Appointments page until I send you a link and ask you to book. I want to hold people’s places on the waiting list.

 If you’d like your name added to the waiting list, please email me at and add me to your contacts list so that when I contact you for an appointment it won’t go to your junk mail folder. (I will not respond to texts.) please read through this whole page before emailing me …

People on the waiting list receive priority when I start booking appointments in any given month.

Cost of reading: $300/hr.

Half hour is $200.

One and a half hours is $500


If you have questions or would like to schedule a reading, please email me at

Session overview:

I will call you on the phone at the time of the appointment, unless you live overseas (see below).

I can record my end of our session and make a digital file available for you to download online (private box, only you and I have access). If you want your voice on the recording, please arrange to record the session from your end. Sometimes recordings go awry; if you want to guarantee a recording, please arrange to do the recording yourself.

At the start of a session, I’ll ask you to say your full name three times. There will be a pause, then I’ll start talking about what I’m being given. You’re welcome to interrupt me to ask questions or ask me to clarify something for you. At some point I’ll ask for your questions. I ask clients to take some time prior to the reading to think about what they’d like me to address. This can be specific questions or broad themes. I find that if you set your intentions in this way, I am more likely to get the most relevant, useful and interesting information for you.

Please be aware that I am not an evidential medium. I may be able to connect with someone who has crossed over, but it’s not what I do a lot of and I don’t pretend to be especially good at it. If you are specifically interested in contacted those who have crossed, please contact one of the evidential mediums on the Referral Links page, or visit Family Forever Foundation, Windbridge Institute, or afterlifeTV for their listings.

I don’t take follow up questions. If you forget to ask a question or think of a follow up question after your session, please contact me to get back on the waiting list.

I don’t do emergency readings. People wait months to have a session, and they have their own issues which are urgent to them. If you want a session immediately, the Referrals page has other excellent readers and healers whose waiting lists may not be so long.

Overseas Clients:

I’m unable to call overseas. If you live outside the US or Canada, the following options are available:

1. You can phone me at your expense

2. We can use WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or Skype (no video). If you have a different app you’d like to use, let me know with a note during the booking process, or email me after booking ( We’ll work something out.

Please review the Terms of Use page. No psychic or intuitive reading is intended to, nor should it ever take the place of, professional services including but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business or psychological. My readings are offered for educational and spiritual assistance, yet in the end we are each our own best source of wisdom. My readings are based upon the truth that we are each responsible for our own actions, decisions, and choices.


A portion of earnings are donated to one of the following charities:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Planned Parenthood

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nature Conservancy

Land Stewardship Project

Southern Poverty Law Center

8million Trees

Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Wee 3 Beasties

Second Harvest Heartland

Feeding America

National Public Radio


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A portion of earnings are donated to one of the following charities:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Planned Parenthood

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nature Conservancy

Land Stewardship Project

Southern Poverty Law Center

8million Trees

Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Wee 3 Beasties

Second Harvest Heartland

Feeding America

42 thoughts on “Readings

  1. I “found” you today via a posting of one of your interviews on facebook… can not wait until your schedule opens up the beginning of November for an intuitive reading (so will contact you then to set something up?). I am fascinated by the magnificence of our soul… am an alternative therapist with many different “tools”… art therapy, reiki, past life therapy, and massage therapy… My awareness has recently now blossomed with A Course in Miracles… of course it is all SOUL therapy… or “soul remembrance” that brings an individual to “health” in this lifetime… well… it sure would be fun to learn more about my own soul through your “eyes”… Namaste, Diane

    1. All one, all soul …!
      I’ll start scheduling appointments again Nov 6th, so sure – send me an email then if you’d like a reading, Diane. More info on the “Intuitive Readings” page of this blog.

  2. I found my experience with Natalie to be life changing. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone who is seeking to expand their inner awareness. She is an articulate, compassionate and gifted individual.
    I have repeatedly listened to our recorded session and continue to draw comfort in knowing that I have not lost those that I have so deeply loved in this life. She has brought me the profound sense of knowingness of who and what I am.

  3. Amazing job! Natalie is the real deal. She told me things that I knew from my spiritual experiences that no one else could. If you’re looking for a “Phone Home” call this is it. Much Love To You Natalie.-J

  4. Hi Natalie – Saw your three interviews on Afterlife TV and it really fleshed out some knowing for me. It’s funny how we can actually know things, but not connect the dots. Like our human brain, regardless of level of intellect, is just Mickey the Dunce about some things. LOL. I feel that this experience for all of us began as a curiosity on the part of God, the Source, what have you, to experience itself as “God” and then as we are aspects of God and have that innate curiosity, we bravely volunteer to be the guinea pigs for the whole adventure. My understanding sort of wavers where the value of the experience is concerned. Much as I know it is all about the experience, which can only really be brought about on this “plane” if you will, I just don’t understand why it so very valuable. Valuable to what end? I can’t see beyond that. I can’t see why these experiences enhance us, other than to gain knowledge for the sake of knowledge, which I’m fine with. The question I find myself asking is, are we gaining all this knowledge for a specific purpose or to complete a specific task as either our whole self or more importantly as the Source itself? Thank you for your insights. Blessings, love and light. Jan Hamblet

    1. Maybe we can’t conceive of anything close to the ultimate reason, so it will never make sense to us. Maybe we undervalue the fun of creating – or fun in any form. What if it’s “just” for fun? That’s the best reason I’ve found in my explorations. Maybe you’ll find something else! Maybe I’m wrong! 🙂

    2. This is something I ponder over but have never been able to express it as you have . I like Natalie ‘s response as well . Thank you

  5. Many weeks now after my reading with Natalie: I have found a quickening inside, a curiosity and enhanced inquisition/awareness of the purpose for my essenciality of being on the planet. Acute awareness since the reading of even subtle energies that I have always had,or been aware of, suddenly on the front burner.
    Each of us is a field of possibility. Natalie’s reading for me watered the seeds of potentiality. She is a gift in bringing sunlight and water to potentiate the growth of a field of possibility. Thank you eternally.

  6. My question is do you ever do free readings for people with limited income? I would love to have one but am on disability and a fixed income with no credit cards for obvious reasons:) just asking and I’m sure you could intuitively know if I am speaking the truth or not? loved your 3 interviews.

  7. The day before yesterday I found you on Youtube and ordered your book right away. Now I’m anxiously waiting it to be delivered — and saving money to ask for a reading. 🙂

    Middle-aged Finn, wanna-be shaman and medicine woman.

  8. Bought your book, enjoyed your interviews and blog, and can’t wait to have an appointment when you are available. Anytime…I’m ready.

  9. Hi Natalie,
    You are a gift! I’m still vibrating (and smiling) from my reading with you yesterday. I woke up this morning more excited about creating and expanding. The “service” you provide is one of the reasons why you’re still on the physical side of the veil. The information channeled through you, has given me a new perspective on my physical life. It is no coincidence that I was guided to see/hear you on AfterlifeTV. All is (very) well.
    Blessings, Roz

  10. Hi Natalie. I just wanted to say that your words have brought me some peace. I think you’re the real thing. Maybe you’ll start a domino-effect that will change the world.

  11. We just finished a reading and I am so grateful to you. It was so comfortable and comforting. Sharing your story and your insight is a gift to us all. Thank you so much. I am sending blessings to you!

  12. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for offering to record our session. I can’t begin to enumerate the fabulous ‘takeaways’ from your reading, not the least of which is the opportunity to live them all over again, to embody and integrate the things I heard, even at an even deeper level.

    In addition to validating my most hidden beliefs, I feel a new confidence about my subjective perceptions and a newfound freedom to honor them like nothing more important exists.

    Thank you for articulating so well all that you understand about what you’ve lived through. Through your work, I feel reminded of all that is my true home.

    With much appreciation for so much more than I could express-

  13. This is my second year working with Natalie, and I can say with full certainty that my readings with her have changed my life. It was important for me to connect with someone who I trusted, who “spoke my language” so to speak, and who I saw as a mentor (someone who embodies qualities I wish to embody). Upon reading her book and watching every YouTube video I could find, I knew I needed to speak to her.

    What Natalie offers is multi-faceted. Firstly, she focuses on my soul personality – the part of my personality that carries with me from lifetime to lifetime, including my inherent strengths, some of my roles in this lifetime, and what my soul is up to here and on the spirit plane. This gives a great foundation for my life, including finding my purpose and identifying my core strengths/passions. She also focuses on where my soul is at right now – including limiting beliefs, relationship dynamics, things that are no longer serving me and things that are bringing me joy. And finally, she tunes in to the myriad of questions that I come to her with, and I can say that no question has ever felt unanswered or too much for her to handle.

    There is something so special about Natalie, for many reasons but for me I think it’s her ability to be such a relatable human yet so profoundly succinct with her wisdom, which grounds her in incredibly high integrity with her abilities to connect. The dance between two worlds is not easy, but she pulls it off with grace. I have laughed with her, brought up wounds, and asked her about some super woowoo deep stuff and she can hold it all.

    Her readings truly live on through my life and are interwoven with my experiences since our sessions; I find myself constantly citing her words and information in the readings. I am still unpacking the wisdom I didn’t understand in the moment and now find myself going, “Wow! THIS is what she was talking about.” It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. I found courage to leave toxic relationships, enroll back in school, and taken huge strides towards my path as a healer. Most of all, the amount of suffering I experience in my day-to-day has drastically decreased, and my sense of inherent worth has drastically increased. I know her sessions have been a catalyst for this deep healing.

    Please come to Natalie prepared: tuning into what you’d like to understand about your life, what you’d like to change, your deepest desires and what you’ve always wanted to know about yourself. Say prayers, write letters, get inspired. I truly believe the more open you are the more you get out of this time with her and with Spirit.

    Natalie: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Until next time,

    Nicole 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole! Your message was very helpful! I just requested an appointment with Natalie.

    2. This is a GREAT review of what you experienced and leaves me very excited to meet with Natalie next month. Your insights were incredibly thoughtful and it’s helpful reading this so I can reflect on what’s most interesting to me and important to touch on. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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  15. Please put me on your waiting list for 2019. I would like to start with an hour, and perhaps go longer. Thanks so much for all your wonderful work.

  16. Just found and finished “Application” over the last few days and am astounded. Thank you Natalie. I had a very frightened reaction to a psychedelic spirit quest last year and I’ve felt slightly traumatized ever since. Then my husband gave me your book and my fear has turned to curiosity and excitement. Wish I could work with you! Thank you so much again!

  17. Thank you SO much for my wonderful reading just now, Natalie. The information is so accurate and exactly what I need in order to readjust my thinking and my actions about my “work” and my marriage. I am so grateful! Your soul comes through with just the right level of humor, compassion, understanding and delivery of information. My life going forward will contain \ thoughts of “I need to remember to ask Natalie and her guides about this…” until my next reading. What a fantastic resource I now possess! With gratitude and many blessings,

  18. Hi Nathalie.

    Do you offer video session through plateformes such as Zoom, Skype or Google meet ?

    Thanks for the info.
    Take care

  19. Thank you so much Natalie. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I hope someday we can ride around in spaceships and laugh about how slow cars are, or whizz around galaxies laughing about how slow spaceships are. Thank You for helping me remember who I am no matter where I am. Namaste

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