What is Water

Here is the beautiful, rough & raw voice of David Foster Wallace talking about applying impossible things in the everyday world … What is Water

It can be unimaginably difficult, as Wallace says … on the other hand, our own expectations are sometimes what makes choosing our awareness seem difficult.


Practice … if we don’t expect to get it right every time, if we’re kind to ourselves and gentle with ourselves even when we can’t get to that place of choice in awareness while we’re enduring the tedium and frustrating petty annoyances of the world, … if we can accept ourselves without judgment even when we fall short of our goal, perhaps our inability to be “perfect” becomes sacred as well.

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  1. Thank you Natalie for this post. I always read and appreciate them. You’ve directly and indirectly introduced me to many RE- memberings. I feel I’m living a very different life, wonderful in inner and outer adventure. Anne

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