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  1. Much like birth – imagine if you just came to earth and were witnessing a birth. You would probably think the woman was dying instead of giving birth to a gorgeous new being. Growth and expansion is a birthing experience.

  2. I like this seed analogy!

    When reflecting on my recent past, I often saw myself as a king sitting on his throne inside a fortress, where it was getting darker and darker as the walls around him were getting thicker and thicker (I think the walls were all the layers of my beliefs and conditionings). At some point, this structure became so heavy that it started to crack, and one day, one well aimed ray of light made it through, and the whole fortress collapsed. Destruction indeed, but also, instant rush of light of fresh air, and the king can finally take a look at his neglected kingdom!

    Another one that the seed analogy reminds me of is the opening of the heart. In my dark days, some of my experiences left me feeling like my heart was being hit by a hammer again and again, being shattered in millions of pieces, to the point where it really felt like there was no capacity for love left, just pain and emptiness. It occurred to me later that maybe what I thought love was, wasn’t true unconditional love but rather, a pale imitation of love, and that this first had to be completely destroyed so the way was clear and open for unconditional love to start flowing through.

  3. I’ve heard it described like the acorn shell cracking, and then we want to call out for crack repair! Allowing is so much more than I ever before thought it to be.

  4. Nathalie: Great and True posting. When we reach a level of consciousness that informs us on our continuous journey, then we become aware that all is good including being “undone”. Change requires our shells to crack. Thank you vey much!

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