Declining to Participate in Fear-Based Economics

The current economic volatility is amusing if one is able to step aside into a place of neutrality. The markets tanked yesterday because of … an idea.

No physical reality, present or past, actually took place. An idea was simply presented: the United States is now AA instead of AAA. In lieu of this idea, people panicked and created what they feared. A meltdown.


–         If the individuals intent on manipulating the markets were not scared, they would not be hanging on so tightly to their money.

–         If they were not hanging on so tightly to their money, they would be spreading it around a little, and the economy would be calming and stabilizing.

I’m not an economist, and don’t really even “get” money except on an intuitive level. But I understand some things about energy and energy flows. If money (energy) is being hoarded somewhere on the circle of flow, it’s depriving movement in other portions of the circle. It’s starving those portions (literally or figuratively). If it goes on long enough, the circle will be broken and even those hoarding will starve.

Sadly, their imbalance is creating a broad imbalance that could destroy the community (us) first. I’m not sure that I care much, but it’s not exactly best foot forward from the perspective of our collective creation.

Everyone is screaming at the government to do something, and I wonder why. We’ve become a nation of victims, of children, throwing fits when the “parent” – the government – doesn’t fix a problem, holding them responsible for a solution. I would suggest that we accept our own responsibility for creating the drama.

We are a nation of individuals, individually responsible for our collective creation. Instead of going along with all the fear and loathing being promoted and exaggerated through politicians and the media, we can decline to participate in or add to that fear, stepping aside to find that smooth, clear energy within ourselves, our wise selves. From here we can act.

What can we do as Whole Selves living in personalities in the physical world? What can we do as responsible citizens, as community, as makers of our own creation? I would suggest that we can do the following: heal.

Step out of the physical world collective conscious and find the still point within the self.

  1. Observe from this vantage point of infinite wisdom. The greed and fear that are creating our reality hold lessons for us on a personal level as well as on national and global levels.
  2. Decline to participate anymore in the drama, fear, and greed – in either the collective global creation or in our own lives. Find balance within and emanate it outward, gently and with tolerant amusement.
  3. Where imbalance is obvious, send healing energy*. Emanate love to those that are so enveloped in their illusion of the power of money (or anything) that they’ve lost the awareness of their Whole Selves.

I know that to many, these suggestions sound absurd. These are physical world problems requiring physical world solutions: move your savings account to a stable bank, dump your stocks, be depressed about your retirement fund, vote out your congressman, read everything you can find in the media in order to believe that you understand what’s going on …

You can do any or all of that if you want to. Those bandaids all might stave off infection of your cell, limb or digit. I’m suggesting that at least some of us go straight to the source and heal that base of imbalance: the ideas.

You don’t even have to believe that this works – all you have to do is suspend your belief that it doesn’t. You might be surprised at the power of thought and intention. It might change your world. It might change our world.


*If you don’t know how to heal, try this:

Remember a time when you felt filled with gratitude and/or love. Fill yourself with that feeling again. When you’re full, imagine a person or system (economic system, political system, whatever) out in front of you. Allow your gratitude and love to overflow your own self, and direct the overflow into that person or system. You can use your hands, or just your intention.

If that doesn’t work for you, try this:

Clear your mind and find a quiet place inside. Imagine the person or system out in front of you. Imagine a cord or flexible pipe coming down from above, connected at its source to pure love energy, or God, or the Source, the Mystery, the Force – whatever works for you. Connect the bottom of that cord or pipe to the person or system that you think needs healing … watch the flow of energy from source to subject.

Keep this in mind: when you heal someone or something, you are also healing yourself. You may experience changes in your own views, thoughts, emotions or perspectives as the healing takes place, or afterward. If you suddenly find your life in turmoil, step back and search for the beliefs that are being highlighted or the theme of the frustrations. Remember that it’s an opportunity to grow.


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  1. I think you are right on. I love your blog and your book. Wow! And thank you for spreading such valuable thoughts.

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