How to Improve the World

If the world needs improving, does that mean it’s not perfect?

Is there a difference between judging someone’s soul and judging their behavior within the context of culture/world?What is the difference between physical reality and spiritual evolution? Are physical reality and spiritual evolution separate things, or a valid distinction to make?Do you think that you inspire people to change, invite people to change, or meet them when they’re already changing or about to change themselves?
If you have a message that you think will change the world for the better, is that message dogma? If you believe that the world should be improved and think that you know how that could look, are you willing to honor other people’s ideas about how that could look – even if they appear to contradict your own and without trying to convert them to

your idea?

Are you willing to put your opinions, ideas, thoughts, visions and wishes out there and let go of the outcome? Are you aiming for a specific outcome – and if so, what happens if it goes awry? (look at Jesus’ difficulties 😉 )

Is it possible to sit within an apparent paradox, moving around between viewpoints at will, accepting action from any of them as valid?


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  1. Am I willing to put my thoughts and ideas “out there”? As a practicing Social Phobic, I say unhesitatingly No. On the other hand, knowing my first 40 years would lead me to this mass withdrawal from society, I arranged long, long ago to have a voice and an audience via the internet. So I guess the answer is Yes after all. 🙂

      1. An odd state of affairs, I must say. I am an accomplished public speaker, led prayers and hymns at church in my christian days, MC’d every staff function at work, was a regular on morning talk radio, and seem to attract all sorts of people who want to confide in me. But in the past 16 years I have not accepted an invitation out, invited anyone to our home, attended a single staff party, gone for drinks after work, or had lunch or coffee with anyone other than myself. This is the real me. The pseudo-Christian cult I attended for 22 years tried to remake people into the social butterflies they imagined us all to be. I went along with it unitl 1996. Now I am who I always wanted to be; a hermit who keeps very much to himself. Even my family seldom see me and my wife set up a chair and table in the corner of the bedroom so I could have my own place whenever I needed it. So yes, the internet is my social life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        1. A monk within the house. It sounds lovely and gentle; I hope it is. I get a sense that my life may be moving more toward the public and resist that to a certain extent. When I remember how to be alone within it perhaps it won’t matter.

          1. Well, ya know, you have to do what you have to do. People need to hear your story and that’s one of the risks in telling it; more come flocking. If our nature is one of withdrawal and solitude it doesn’t hurt to come to a balance of some sort. Having said that, I can add that I did my 15 minutes of fame and desire no more. When you spoke of going to the Resting place by folding yourself more or less inside out I knew exactly what you meant. I had never pictured it in that way myself but do believe we each have a very, very private place which I call the Sanctuary. Visitors by invitation only. And the beds are very uncomfortable so they never want to stay long. LOL

            1. Yes, the balance is key. I had my years of wandering in wildernesses, so now I find myself coming out of it. if I truly didn’t want any part of it, I wouldn’t have put the book out, eh? There are good things found in all trails.

              I’m glad to hear that you recognize the deep resting place … I’ve referred to it as the sanctuary too, sometimes. No visitors, uncomfortable beds … Lol.

  2. One could write a book in answer to the first question alone. What is the meaning of perfect? What is true or real or “the world? I tend to see the world as perfection itself by the very fact that it is what it is, or it is What Is. What Is can be another name for Truth or God or Consciousness or etc. What Is is perfect the same way a river is perfect, always changing yet always the same.Perfect in and of and as Itself. We are in and of and as this perfection.There is only this, as it is, Here, Now. It is all that ever has been and all there ever will be. Only This. Not as a segment of time or space, but expressing/manifesting in/as time/space and “Time /Space” as you put it.

    Well these are just some of my thoughts, i could go on and on (and on) but, as Wayne Liquorman put it, there is nothing so ridiculous as a discussion of the “Truth”. Ultimately, words fail, but it can be fun, It’s like riding a merry-go-round, you don’t get anywhere but the music is nice.

    1. Beautifully put, Dave. A reader had asked me about “helping to change the world” and “no judgment” … In his mind a conundrum that he was struggling with. I felt that the assumptions contained within his question would have to be addressed before I could even approach the question itself … Or something. Too much! Like you say, a whole book could be written about just one of those assumptions – “the world needs help.” So instead of trying to explain it all, I decided to answer his question with these questions.

      I like very much your thoughts on the first question. I like the words that you use: What Is. Yes! Puts us right here, right In the moment, right here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dave!

  3. A Zen or Non-dual teacher once said “Don’t seek the Truth. instead see what is not true, then the Truth will take care of itself.” I’ve always liked that quote.

  4. Illuminating…Dave…A Quote (not mine) “If we turn to face the sun we will never walk in darkness”….to me begs the question What is the nature of the light (which we as moths seem to be drawn to) …..without the darkness? …a paradox…in …a great adventure..?

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