Friday the 13th

Phobic fear of Friday the 13th: friggatriskaidekaphobia

Phobic fear of the number thirteen: triskaidekaphobia

Friday the 13th has generally felt for me like a slit in the seam of time. Since I don’t see an energy reality associated with this, my assumption has been that the power of combined thought composed by a good portion of the world’s population being focused on it being Friday the 13th creates a peculiar potential to slip between particles.

It has most often been a day of amusing oddities for me.

An extreme example: I was walking down a sidewalk in Eugene Oregon with a friend – I’ll call him David. A car of young men drove past us, honking the horn as the kids shouted out the windows. One of the young men threw something.

 “Shit!” David spat angrily, “they hit me.”  

He patted his torso, trying to figure out what they’d thrown and whether he had some kind of mess on his clothing.

“What the hell … “ he muttered, patting one of the pockets on his jean jacket with his palm. He cussed again while he patted around the outside of the pocket, patted around the inside of the jacket, then he reached into the right-hand inside pocket of the jacket. He pulled out an egg.

Intact. Not even a crack.

He held it out to me on an open palm and we both stared at it. We looked at each other blankly, then burst out laughing.

As an idea gains momentum, so it gains form. As an idea gains form, so it manifests.

If we believe, so we create it. Begin to believe in, welcome, and expect the unexpected and pointless random amusement. Release fear and begin to grow laughter. Enjoy life.

Happy Friday the 13th … may magical moments happen.


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